Top services offered by Cosmetic Dentists for a Smile Makeover

Only a few people are born with a smile they want to have. Did you know? More than 1/3rd of American adults are unhappy with their smile. Achieving the smile you wanted goes beyond just cleaning the teeth and avoiding cavities. When it comes to improving your smile, sometimes you may require resolving issues like discoloration, tooth fractures, chips, or even alignment problems. Fortunately, we live in the modern era where there are reliable, effective, and safe options for transforming your smile. If you are wondering how here are some of the procedures offered by dentist Albuquerque NM to take your smile from drab to dazzling in a short period than you would expect.

Porcelain Veneer:

Porcelain veneers are custom made strong shells made of porcelain that are cemented to the front surface of the teeth. The results acquired from porcelain veneers are absolutely amazing. Porcelain mimics the natural tooth and hence gives patients nearly flawless smile. The dentist uses these for fixing the following imperfections.

• Chips or cracks

• Small oddly shaped teeth

• Crowding and minor gaps

• Worn or uneven teeth

• Enamel defects or severe stain.

Invisible Braces:

Metal braces were the only options for many decades for orthodontic treatment. However, nowadays, invisible braces offer the same grade results without the hassle of wires and brackets. These clear plastic trays can be used to create a movement to correct different alignment issues without others knowing you are in the treatment. These are a great alternative to traditional braces.

Professional Teeth Whitening:

Over time our teeth become stained, especially after taking some medication, smoking, or consuming beverages like tea and coffee. Professional teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic procedure offered by dentists. It is not only an effective procedure but also gentle and safe on your enamel. Your dentist will create custom made trays to fit your mouth and fill them with whitening gels to wear them for a set amount of time every day. However, it is still essential to continue regular oral hygiene.

Dental implants Albuquerque NM:

These are alternative to dentures and bridges that rest on your gums and adjacent teeth. Dental implants made of Titanium will fuse with the jawbone, the abutment will fit over the implant and stick out from the gum, whereas the crown is a unique restoration for a tooth-like natural appearance. The cosmetic dentist can replace your missing teeth or tooth with dental implants to provide a stable solution that will last a lifetime.

If you are suffering from any of these problems, the dentist Albuquerque NM can correct them and create a smile that you can be proud of.

The author is a dentist. With a trained in-house dental team of the best cosmetic dentist Albuquerque, recognizing that each case is unique, he offers customized treatment options to meet every patient’s needs. Visit for details.

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