Top Reasons to Eat More Pasta

Pasta has plenty of health benefits. Besides being delicious, pasta is cholesterol-free, provides folic acid and energy. Still, many people believe that pasta served at the pasta restaurant in Vancouver isn’t healthy enough to include in your diet. If you are one among them, this article is for you! Here we’ve listed the top reasons why pasta is a part of a good diet.

A Good Source of Energy

Made from grain, pasta is a good source of energy. When made from whole-grain, it provides you with enough fibre too. You can also include vegetables, fruits, fish, and poultry to make your pasta even more nutrition-rich. Eating pasta can help with stomach problems and may help lower cholesterol.

Feel Full for Longer

Yes, pasta is filling, and it makes you less hungry. This means you will avoid binge eating your favourite snacks as pasta keeps you fuller for a long time.

A Cost-effective Option

Pasta makes use of very basic ingredients and is a great way to feed your family without pinching your wallet. George’s Pizza, a leading pasta restaurant in Vancouver, provides a large bowl of delicious pasta for just $10.95 every Monday.

They Come in Different Shapes

From bow ties to tubes, pasta comes in different shapes that hold different fillings and more. This opens up endless possibilities for the pasta dinner menu and provides you with a unique dining experience as you order different varieties every day.

Lose Weight

Pasta has got a bad rap because it contains carbohydrates. But, the fact is, it won’t keep you from losing weight if you have it in moderation. According to a study, people who ate pasta as part of a Mediterranean diet had a lower body mass index BMI and less belly fat than those who didn’t. Moreover, the vegetables and greens added to pasta make it more healthy and nutrition-rich.

Low in Fat

Did you know pasta has just over half a gram of fat per serving? So, the next time you are ordering pizza from your favourite restaurant, with less cheese and butter. Plain pasta with lots of veggies and greens makes it a healthy, light, and satisfying meal.

Maintains Blood Sugar

Pasta has a low Glycemic Index (a measure of how fast sugar gets into your bloodstream) and can help prevent diabetes and obesity. Moreover, it’s low in sodium and can be used as an alternative to foods high in salt content that can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

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