Top Reasons for Ignition System Malfunctioning

The ignition system is the most crucial part of your vehicle, and it’s the gateway to get your vehicle running. The ignition system begins with the ignition switch located on the steering wheel column. But, like any other part of your vehicle, the ignition system has multiple issues that can arise as a result of its constant use. Here, our professional locksmith in Edwardsville IL lists the causes for ignition system malfunctioning.

Key Breaks Off and Stuck Inside Ignition Switch

A key is subject to daily wear and tear with constant turning of the ignition system. It can become weak and eventually break off while in use. This is not an easy fix and you must hire an auto locksmith in Edwardsville IL to remove the key and create a new key. If the old key is too worn out to be copied, a new lock cylinder system must be installed with a brand new key which typically will need assistance from a dealer.

Old Key

With daily use, the keys become worn down and beaten up easily. The grooves on the key becomes worn out and causes the ignition not to respond. Use a spare key to see if the ignition turns on and make sure that the fault is not due to a bad ignition switch. If it is confirmed that the problem is not with the ignition switch, a quick key replacement can solve the issue.

Manufacturer Fault

If the ignition switch issue happens when your vehicle is still under warranty, the manufacturers will usually do a free replacement since they are at fault. But, if your vehicle is not covered by warranty, then you will need to pay for these fees with a dealer or auto repair company.

Key Insertion Fails

When the key after insertion fails to make the ignition switch turn on, try jiggling the steering wheel to make sure it is not locked into place by the steering linkage. You can try applying some lubricant to get it going smoothly again.

Issues with the Transponder

If key malfunction light indicates a problem, it indicates that the computer chip has likely malfunctioned or completely lost its programming. Reprograming the original key can fix this issue from a Bellville Il locksmith.

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