Top platforms to consider for video marketing

There is a massive demand for a video marketing agency in Melbourne. Researches claim that around 55% people wish for their favorite brands come up with videos.

It is here to note that around 350 hours of videos are uploaded over the most popular streaming platform YouTube. These figures have started dragging the interest of marketers. Those who are still wondering about the ways of making most of the video marketing may keep the following aspects in mind.


In an era of digitization, several video production agency has grown significantly. To be specific, there is a lot of interest among modern-day people to earn through websites.

In this context, having a video at the home page or landing page is considered highly crucial. It is quite proven that such sites with videos on their home page can engage the visitors more over the others.


When it comes about video marketing, undoubtedly digital platforms are more rampant. However, TVs are still quite significant in this arena. In last year people watched more than three hours on TVs. It means TVs are still quite significant.

Yes, video marketing over here is a bit too more expensive. But, the level of engagement and reach is also quite high. Most importantly, an audience can’t just skip the advertising.      


YouTube is not just a video content uploading platform; it is quite significant for video marketers as well. The best part about the platform is the incredible scope of marketing that it offers for the marketers.

Be it about the hashtags or the written contents within the description; everything can be an effective marketing tool. Same is the case about thumbnails used for the videos as well. 

Taking it to the next level, one may make use of video cards that enable a user in putting website link for an effective call to action. Those who want to leave their social media page link may leave the same as well.

Thus things can be made look even more significant upon following the right strategy of video uploading. Most importantly, unlike email marketing, here there is no constraint in terms of scheduling of posting. People watch videos almost every day sincerely.  

Social Media

Video marketing over social media platforms is quite on a buzz these days. These platforms make things more significant for marketers. The best part about Facebook is that a video can end the hassle of unending scrolling of the page.

It remains equally significant even if someone reposts. Statistics claim that among all internet users, 60% do use social media platforms. 

Landing Pages

Days are gone when the landing pages were all about written contents. Videos have started turning out to be more engaging over the written contents. All that needs to be ensured is that the videos published here for marketing should not appear in the contents as well.

It needs to be catchy and interesting. Best recommendation always is to post a video that can be useful for the visitor in terms of understanding the nature or usage of the product. According to statistics, an optimized video can enhance the conversion rate by more than 85%.   


Email marketing is still quite significant. However, the marketers understand it well that unless the contents of it are personalized, it becomes worthless.

And, things can be made more significant on this matter upon proper personalization. All that matters is to ensure that the subject line is properly written. Citing the term video itself over the subject line can itself increase the rate of opening by 20%. 

Chances of opening and clicking a mail grows by over 50% when a user finds a video within the body of the email delivered. Not just about engaging the audience, videos can also be significant in terms of driving traffic. It is quite obvious as the chances for the viewer to check the description box and click on the targeted website link there.

All these platforms are quite proven in terms of enriching video marketing significantly. All that one need is to find the best video production agency to prepare the best quality videos to engage the audience.

Myoho Video Production is a reputed name among video marketing agencies and all those looking for quality videos in quick time. They have worked with many esteemed clients around the globe.  


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