Top New features of Angular 9 which help the developers


Angular is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks which are mainly working on developing front end desktop web apps or single-page applications to give rise to every Angular company in the world. Launched in 2009 for the first time, Angular has now released its latest version of Angular 9 on February 7th, 2020. The new version Angular 9 is faster, smaller and easier to use and it will also making the life of the Angular developer easier.

With Angular 9 training, the community can benefit from smaller, high-performance applications as well as better developer experience. Developers will now also get clear syntax and clear project structure. 

For the developers across the world, Angular is always the first choice for front end development. So, it is highly important for the team to fix any bugs and modify the already existing framework. However, the new version of Angular is released every six months.

The key goal of Angular 9 is to make the Ivy Compiler available for all the apps. The major benefit of Ivy is that it can be able to considerably decrease the size of the small as well as large-sized applications.

So, what’s new in Angular 9? In the latest update, all the previous drawbacks have been modified.  Lots of factors have affected the previous versions of Angular like large bundle files have negatively impacted application performance, download times and user experience. So, to overcome the issue and to solve the large size of the final bundles, Angular team has entered Ivy. Now, let’s see what more features have been added including Ivy in the new version of Angular 9.

Features of Angular 9:

Default Ivy compiler: 

Angular 9 integrates a change in the core structure of the whole framework. All the application will now use the IVY renderer as a default compiler. Apps which are built-in IVY are more efficient. IVY Compiler in Angular 9 has already fixed lots of bugs and has few additional features to it as well – 

  1. Improves the Bundle Sizes – With the Angular 9 feature, the bundle sizes has been decreased by 25 to 40% according to the app size. Small apps get the most benefits from the tree shaking feature of IVY as they just need to generate less code for Angular components. So, to get better performance, smaller bundles are essential.

  2. Allows for Better debugging – debugging is another feature of IVY compiler and runtime. For any developers, it is really problematic to develop a program which is completely bug-free. Thus, it very important to furnish the code-base with tools and techniques to capture the bugs. The Angular framework of Angular 9 uses some techniques to debug its applications. With the help of this, one can ask Angular to access the instances of the components and directives. It can also manually call the methods and update state as well as it can also trigger the change detection with applyChanges.


  1. Faster Mobile Apps: Mobile phones today capture half of the website traffic globally. A large number of users come from those places where there are slow internet connections. So, it is necessary for developers to redesign and reduce the size of the downloadable files to increase the mobile user experience. By reducing the size of the JavaScript bundles, IVY opens a platform to speed up the application for the developers.

  2. Faster Testing: The new implementation of TestBed in IVY in Angular 9 has been making it more efficient to arrange the components between tests. It will ultimately avoid recompilation between the grand majorities of tests. With this change, the framework’s core acceptance tests have been near about 40% faster than previous. Even the user’s own application test speeds will also be around 40-50% faster.

  3.  Adds Improved Type Checking: The compiler checks the expressions and bindings within the templates of the applications and then reports any type of errors it finds. Earlier the bugs were caught and fixed in the development process. But currently, Angular 9 has three different modes of doing this. Apart from the default flag, other flags are –

fullTemplateTypeCheck – with this flag, the compiler can check everything within your template.

strictTemplates – By activating this flag, the compiler can apply the strictest Type System rules for type checking.

Apart from the above top 5 features, there are lots of features of Angular 9 that are getting populated day by day  and candidates are also willing to take Angular certification on Angularjs 9 to become experts in this field. Some more features of Angular 9 are –


Improved CSS Class and Style Binding
Enables the AOT Compiler on by default
Improved Build Errors
Improved Internationalization (i18m)
Selector-less directives in IVY
More reliable ng Update
Phantom Template Variable Menace
API Extractor Update
The formControlName accepts a number in the form
Permit Selector fewer directives for the base classes in the Compiler in View Engine
Convert all ngtsc diagnostics to ts. Diagnostics
Component Harness
IdE and Language Service improvements
New options for provideln

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