Top Maintenance Tips that Will Help Your Engine Run Forever

The engine is the heart of your vehicle, and a functional car requires a healthy engine. Your car engine must be well-maintained if you want it to remain in good working condition. Here we’ve listed a few engine maintenance tips from the experts of auto repair in Des Moines WA, to ensure that your vehicle’s engine is operating at its peak performance.

Check the Air Filter

An air filter in your engine is required to prevent dust and debris from clogging your engine. When the air filter fails, it restricts the amount of air supplied to your engine, resulting in a lack of power and sluggish performance. In some cases, old air filters may tear and allow dust and debris to enter into the engine and causes severe damage. So, the experts of auto repair in Des Moines WA, suggest changing air filters at regular intervals.

Schedule a Regular Tune-Up

A good tune-up for your engine is necessary whenever your car feels lacking in power, sluggish, and more. Scheduling a regular tune-up boosts the performance of your vehicle, and this process involves changing the spark plugs, replacing the air filter, cleaning the engine, replacing the fuel filter, ignitions systems, and more.

Check the Cooking System

When the fuel burns inside the engine, it generates lots of heat. The cooling system works hard to maintain the temperature of the engine within proper limits. When the cooling system fails due to the leakage of the coolant, it causes the engine to overheat and results in serious problems. So, it’s recommended to check your cooling system and the coolant level to ensure optimal engine performance.

Oil Change

Your vehicle’s engine needs to be well-lubricated because there are so many moving and rotating parts. You must keep the oil level in check because the oil starts to degrade or some get burnt off in the engine as your vehicle moves around. When there is less or no oil, the friction will increase and results in mechanical wear. This affects the engine performance and driveability.

According to the experts, oil change in Des Moines must be done every three months or after traveling 3000 miles. But, if you are making short trips regularly, you may need to change the oil more often.

Replace Drive Belts

The drive belts are essential to run the alternator, compressor, or any additional accessories connected to your engine. With time, the drive belts become worn out or cracked, resulting in the disablement of your vehicle’s engine. Check the condition of your belt often and get them replaced to avoid any issues. You must check the condition of your belt when you are changing the oil or whenever you hear a squeaking noise.

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