Top 5 Features of the Tesla Model 3 You’ll Love

The Tesla Model 3 is the most popular EV in Australia for a reason. It’s undisputed energy efficiency and jaw dropping features truly makes it a vehicle that’s ahead of its time. For those aiming to transition to electric vehicles, Tesla Model 3 will certainly be an excellent choice. From its built-in safety features to its marvellous performance and Tesla charging capabilities, the Tesla Model 3 is an EV like no other.


Autopilot, as the company describes, is the future of driving. It allows your car to accelerate, brake, and steer automatically. Its amazing self-driving capability enables the following features:

– Auto Park: Automatic parking of the vehicle parallelly or perpendicularly.

– Summon: Retrieve your car automatically.

– Auto Lane Change: Changing lanes automatically in the highway.

Autopilot will only enhance safety while driving as it steers away from obstacles and activates emergency braking when necessary.

Spectacular Performance:

The 20” Überturbine wheels and great performance brakes will pave the way for better handling of the vehicle. Tesla Model 3 will accelerate from zero to 60 MPH in just 3.1 seconds. Also experience hassle-free driving in all weather conditions. It’s incomparable power and performance will make you feel as though you’re flying on the road!

Excellent Driving Range:

With great developments in EV battery technology, the Tesla Model 3 makes long distance travel a possibility on a single charge. With over 20,000 Tesla super chargers, drivers can travel anywhere with confidence. Even better, supercharging cost less than gasoline refill, thus allowing you to save fuel costs in the long run. As you charge it with a Tesla charger, the vehicle alerts you when its sufficient enough to continue the trip and get to your destination.

Safety Guaranteed:

Another feature that is built into the Tesla Model 3 is the ability to track your car all the time. You also get to control the maximum speed limit for specific drivers. The vehicle is built with high strength aluminium and steel for maximum safety. It also poses a very low rollover risk as the floor-mounted battery pack accounts for a low centre of gravity.

Premium Features for Maximum Comfort:

The interior of the vehicle is built with features that provide superior comfort for both the driver and travellers. Your smartphone can be used as the key and the driver controls can be accessed on a large 15-inch touchscreen. The experience only gets better with regular software updates and periodic addition of new features. Despite not being a software centric company, Tesla has managed to deploy new updates faster than other car companies.

The outstanding features and performance of the Tesla Model 3 make EV vehicles more appealing than ever. It’s perfect implementation of automation technology and huge energy cost savings with Tesla charging makes it totally worth the price.

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