Top 10 Differences between Private Cleaners & Professional Cleaning company in London

1. Flexible hours & Availability

When you hire a private cleaner there are high chances of having time limitations, such as private cleaners most often work only in the day time; 9 to 5 business hours making them clean your house during the day time when probably you are not available at home, arising questions on your house security. Also if it’s your commercial space, if private cleaners visit for your office cleaning in the daytime, this can disturb the productivity of your staff, eventually, you lose the money. 

Whereas, if you choose a professional cleaning company in London, they have no limitations of working hours, as they have quite a more number of cleaners available, making them available in your flexible hours. Professional cleaning companies understand that businesses have various scheduling needs, some need full-time cleaners, some may call when required & some choose to schedule cleaning for after office hours.

2. High-Quality Cleaning

Private cleaners are usually habitual of home cleaning & working in home environments. They are just like freelance janitors, who are experts in maintaining their own houses & now looking to help their neighbors. The standard & the quality of the cleaning is totally different.

Whereas with a professional cleaning company, in London, the attention to detail given while office cleaning makes a huge impact on the overall performance of your employee’s productivity as well as makes a good impression on your walk-in customers. Different foot traffic requires a different type of cleaning standards. Working with a professional cleaning makes sure that your office space is clean to the highest standards making your space disinfected and harmless.  

3. Insured & Bonded

A private cleaner is usually a freelancer, whereas a professional cleaning company is a registered company with all the required criteria ticked off for a service-based company. They have liability Insurance for the cleaners for any unexpected accidents while working as well as for your property damage. 

Say, for example, if one of the cleaners slipped off your wet floor while cleaning, you don’t have to be worried as he/she is already insured & is taken care of by their cleaning company. Similarly, if any kind of theft or damage is done to your property while cleaning & maintenance, cleaning companies are well bonded legally to cover your losses.

Often, private cleaners lack all these basic legal necessities which could put you at risk. Always ask the cleaner of what 

Make sure you ask how the private cleaner or cleaning company you are hiring would handle an accident at your home or office, and about their policy to protect you against theft or breakage. It’s not always the cost factor that matters while deciding, security matters the most! 

4. Cleaning Company Values & Experience 

The major advantage of hiring a professional cleaning company, in London, is its easier to check their online presence & read their reviews to know how well their services are, what are their ethics and values, how much experience they have, the number of employees they have & etc. With all that information you can be well informed to make your decision. 

Private cleaners on the other side, are not registered without any online presence making it tough to trust them to enter your Home or Office for cleaning. 

5. Reliability

When you have an individual private cleaner, you cannot guarantee he will come whenever you’ll require, in case he becomes ill or unavailable for your required time then you might probably have to suffer in a messy & dirty space. 

In London’s professional cleaning companies, due to a large number of cleaners, you can have the surety of them visiting you whenever you schedule because even if one cleaner takes a day off, there’s a whole other team to visit you on whom you can be reliable for cleaning your space. 

6. Effective Customer Support

When you hire a private cleaner, you have to confront him personally for any issue which might be hard for you & can be less effective due to unprofessionalism.

With a professional cleaning company, you can call directly customer support or the office to raise the ticket of your issue regarding any of the events or act, and eventually, your issue will be resolved without your need of intervention.

7. Background Checks & Employee training 

When you hire a professional cleaning service in London, their cleaners can be trusted, because they are being hired through a systematic process further providing with all the needful training about the cleaning equipment & chemicals to be used while cleaning.

Make sure you ask the cleaning company you are hiring about how they hire & train their employees or ask private cleaners to provide their background checks.

8. Avoiding Tax Complications

If you’re working with a private cleaner, it can look like you are the cleaner’s employer & may be required to bear taxes from their pay that you then have to pay to the government. 

If you choose a professional cleaning company, they pay taxes for their employees, not you, making it one easy thing for you without any tax addition.

9. Professional Equipment vs Manual Cleaning

Most professional cleaning companies in London use professional mechanized equipment. How does this matter to you? For example, compared to a domestic vacuum cleaner, the professional ones have higher suction power that removes deep-seated dust. Professional cleaners also provide disinfection which cannot be done using home equipment. The results last for months compared to manual cleaning using mops or home vacuum cleaners.

10. Hire a Specialist not a Generalist

An independent cleaner is a generalist of sorts, who takes care of cleaning & housekeeping. But may not be aware of how to remove that stubborn grime clinging to your bathroom tiles or the oil stains on your window. What’s even worse is using the wrong chemical on glass or carpets may end up damaging them permanently. 

Professional Cleaning Services team includes specialists, with expertise in individual cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, commercial office cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, janitorial cleaning, home & office sanitization. A specialist surveys your home or office before cleaning, to identify the areas which require attention and which tools are needed for the job.


By now, we’re sure enough that you have found your choice to decide between a private cleaner or a professional cleaning company in London.

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