Tips To Prepare Your House for Installing Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring offers a house with long-lasting elegance and longevity. Many hardwood floors, with proper treatment, last for decades. However, hardwood floor installation in Mission Hills KS is a major project frequently best when left in the hands of experienced wood floor installers. Here, we have mentioned a few preparations you need to do while planning for hardwood floor installation.

Why you should prepare for the installers?

Why we should prepare for the installation process? Aren’t they being paid to remove or tape up plastic doors or door trim? Even though such arrangements will definitely be made by your flooring company, the more you can do beforehand, the better. On your side, a few simple preparations will help to restrict the dust. More significantly, you will concentrate the energies of the floor installers more on floor installation and less on peripheral tasks such as taping plastic or turning off your heating system.

The Dust Management System

Dust during the installation of hardwood flooring in Mission Hills KS is the number one problem for homeowners. In order to absorb the dust, most wood floor installers can make simple preparations. But you might want to complement their efforts at dust control:

Seal off rooms which are not going to be sanded

Do this not only by locking the doors, but by covering the doorway with plastic sheets covered with tape from the painter. Add plastic sheeting around the worksite’s wider perimeter.

Keep the worksite clean so that the staffs have space for their jobs. You can tape plastic over the openings to prevent the movement of airborne dust in the building.

Remove the Baseboards or Molding Base

It is normally best to eradicate either the whole baseboard or the shoe beadings that mark the bottom edge of the baseboards, depending on the style of the baseboards in the space. The removal of baseboards would give the installers more space to install the flooring planks as near as possible to the walls. Some homeowners like to take this chance, after the flooring has been built, to add new baseboards.

Remove the Door Trim

The case molding and stop molding are harder to remove than the baseboards on doorways. These moldings can be removed by few, if any, flooring installers. Instead, in order to slip the new flooring under them, they usually cut the bottoms of the moldings. If you get rid of the moldings completely, a better look can be obtained, which helps the installers in fitting the floor boards tightly round the door frame. You may trim and reinstall the old case moldings once the flooring is laid, or reinstall the door with new moldings.

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