Tips to Plan an Instagram-Worthy Hens Night Celebration


It’s that time of year again when people are all struck by the wedding fever. If you are asked by your bestie to throw a bachelorette party for her, it’s your turn to gift her a memorable night. Here are a few tips for throwing a perfect celebrity-style hens party before she ties a knot.

Venue and Privacy

Nothing screams VIP than a venue that’s hidden from the prying eyes of the public. If you want to plan a hens night for your friend, the venue you choose must be perfect and she and her guests must have a wonderful night there.

The venue you choose must make the party a private experience protected from the masses and let her have eyes only on her bridal party and besties. So, make sure that they provide access to your own lounge areas, private cocktail bars, spa, and more.

Activities and Games

What’s a hens night without some hilarious hens night games and activities? You can find fun hens night games online at affordable costs that can make your party memorable. Choose games like Team Bride Truth or Dare Card Game, Wedding Absurd Comparison Game, and more as they would be hilarious, revealing, and gets the team going.

Hens Night Supplies

Hens night supplies are a must to set the right atmosphere for your hens party. You can buy these fun extras from online shops at the best prices. The team can choose anything from sashes, and badges to tattoos, balloons, and other apparel. You can also discuss options with the bride to be to make her feel special and celebrated.

Party Menu

Source a mouth-watering menu, which includes a few best bites that suffice for the bride. Bring in a classic combination of rich Mediterranean to modern Australian, to charm the guests and make them raving about it for years to come.

High Tea

Did you know the celebrity chef, Anna Polyviou, who is known and loved across Australia, created a specially themed Barbie high tea recently that includes rainbow trifle, fairy bread cake, and Barbie macaroons? High tea is an Australian tradition that we take seriously and is a better way to unwind. Afternoon tea holds the privilege of coming from a royal legacy (introduced by Queen Victoria’s lifelong friend Anna, Duchess of Bedford in the 1840s), and arranging high tea for your bestie on her hens party is one of the best things to do to celebrate the bride to be.

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