Tips to Pick the Right Valentine’s Day Flowers

Are you wondering what type of flowers to send your loved one on Valentine’s Day? You aren’t alone! With flowers topping the Valentine’s Day gift list every year, it’s important to choose the right flower that conveys the right meaning to your Valentine. So, here we’ve listed a few tips to choose the right Valentine’s Day flowers for your loved one.

Place Your Order Early

One of the great mistakes people make when it comes to Valentine’s Day flowers is not ordering them early. Yes, ordering ahead instead of ordering on the same day provides you with great options to choose the right flower. This is because, as it gets closer to Valentine’s Day, the florist in London Ontario will get busier. When you place an order in a hurry, you might not get the best stock or even the best flowers, as they tend to sell out fast. So, ordering early for your lady love is the best bet!

Choose Your Option

Sending red roses to your loved ones is a traditional way of letting them know that you love them. But, if you want to try something new, check your local flower shops in London Ontario, for more options. You can ask your florist for some recommendations to pick the best blooms for the special person in your life.

A Mix of Red and White Roses

Have you always presented red roses to your Valentine? Try a mix of red and white roses this year. White roses represent purity and when combined with red, symbolize unity. It’s a good message to convey to your partner if you hope to be together for quite some time.


Tulips are one of the best flowers to give on Valentine’s Day as they represent longevity. Tulips are fun to receive, as they will continue to grow even after they are cut. Bright yellow, pink, orange or red tulips are like a breath of spring in February!

Lilies and Orchids

Does your Valentine favour tropical styles? Then lilies and orchids are your right choice! Sending lilies and orchids to your loved one on Valentine’s Day is a trendsetting action, and your loved one will love you more for your uniqueness.


Sunflowers, yes, you heard it right! Sunflowers are a great Valentine’s Day gift for someone who is bubbly and bright. While you may feel that these flowers aren’t romantic at all, they convey the right message: You are my sunshine!.

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