Tips to Order Pizza Online

The joy of binging on cheese-loaded pizza cannot be explained! The crispy thin crust, spicy veg toppings, creamy cheese, and chunky chicken pieces all these make pizza a perfect dish to crave for. With lots of varieties of pizzas available in the market, sometimes it becomes difficult for us to order one that satisfies your palate. Here’s an ultimate guide that helps you to order pizza like a pro online.

Step 1:

One of the initial steps to order pizza is to decide on the pizza restaurant form where you are ordering your meal from. You can check on your food ordering apps to see the range in which your order can be placed from a specific restaurant.

Step 2:

Check the pizza restaurant brunch menu to find out the varieties of pizzas available at their place. If you couldn’t find your desired option, call them to enquire whether they can customize it for you.

Step 3:

Focus on the below parameters to decide on the type of pizza you are ordering from the website.

– Pizza Size

Depending on the number of people having the pizzas, you can decide on the size of the crust. Small pizza will have four slices, medium size has six slices, and the large has eight slices.

– Pizza Crust

Crust decides the taste of your pizza, and you can go for either thin or thick crust. If you don’t want to add more carbohydrates to your diet, order thin crust pizza.

– Toppings

Generally, pizza in Vancouver comes with both vegetables and meat toppings options. If you want to add or eliminate certain veggies based on your dietary restrictions, you can add the changes while placing the order. The most common toppings used in pizza are tomato, onions, mushrooms, corns, olives, bell peppers, jalapenos, and more. And the protein options include chicken tikka, chicken meatballs, chicken sausages, and more.

– Pizza Sauce

The pizza sauce used in the pizza in Vancouver depends on the type of pizza ordered. You can choose peri peri, pesto, hot sauce, or other pizza sauces based on the toppings you have chosen.

– Cheese

The common types of cheese used in pizza are shredded and mozzarella cheese.

Step 4:

Once you customize your pizza, you can order side dishes with the pizza, such as garlic bread, pasta or more. Enter the address details and phone number that you want to give to the delivery person.

Step 5:

Make payment via card or e-wallets.

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