Tips to Keep Gum Disease at Bay

Do you know gum disease is one of the major causes of tooth loss? Well, it’s true. According to the Australian Dental Association, “Moderate or severe periodontitis (gum disease) is present in 22.9 per cent of the Australian population.” While periodontitis, also called gum disease, is linked with older generations, it affects young people due to poor oral hygiene and lifestyle.

Gum disease is one among preventable dental diseases. Isn’t it bad that disease caused by poor oral hygiene and lack of dental visits could be leaving your teeth and gums at risk? Moreover, gum disease not only affects your oral health, but it is also associated with overall health as well.

What is gum disease and how to prevent it?

Periodontitis is a dental disease that can eventually lead to tooth loss if not treated at the initial phase. It is caused by plaque, a film-like bacteria formed due to food particles that build up on tooth surfaces due to lack of brushing and flossing. Even skipping a day of oral hygiene increases the level of bacteria in the mouth that can cause infections.

The gums around the teeth can get inflamed, causing pain and bleeding, when the infection spreads. The gums can get weakened to a point where it could bleed even when brushed mildly. This allows the bacteria to enter the bloodstream and affect the other parts of the body. If your gums bleed when you brush your teeth, it’s important for you to stay vigilant in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Moreover, it’s advisable to visit the Blacktown dental clinic and consult the dentist.

Here are a few tips to prevent gum disease:-

Practice good dental hygiene

Since gum disease tends to develop when plaque remains on the surface of your teeth, oral hygiene is crucial. Gum disease is a serious dental disease than can impact your smile and oral health. It can start by irritating your gums and then end up deteriorating your bone which results in a loss of a tooth. Brush twice a day and floss at least once in a day to remove the food particles from your teeth and other areas of your mouth.

Visit your dentist

Dental cleanings are the best way to remove plaque from your teeth and keep gum disease at bay. So, never skip your dental exams. In fact, it is advisable to visit your dentist every six months. If you are suffering from severe toothache due to infection, our 24 hour dentist Blacktown is always there to help and treat you.

Stick to a healthy diet

If you have a healthy diet, the chances of preventing gum disease are high. Eating healthy not only helps to maintain your oral health but also your overall health. Moreover, refrain from eating starchy and sugary foods.

Hope these tips will help you keep your gums and teeth healthy. We also encourage you to schedule an appointment with our dentist Blacktown if you notice any of the signs of gum disease.

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