Tips To Improve Your Real Estate Social Media Marketing

Real estate in the new normal requires more online presence and relies more on social media marketing. Properties agent in Chicago, Nick Velicka of @properties understands the impact on social media for his client base. Now that most local businesses are online due to the effects of the global pandemic, here are tips on how to step-up your real estate game on social media.

1. Create a Content Calendar

Creating a content calendar for your business improves your online presence. You cannot put out selling real estate all the time. Alternating it with real estate quotes or memes and success stories will help you with your properties for sale in Chicago. As they say, content is king.

You can also schedule your posts according to when your followers are always online without having to always go online to post. Schedule your posts at a certain time through Hootsuite. It’s free and you can schedule it anytime you want.


2. Be your Own Graphic Designer

Sure, you can hire your graphic designer for your social media posts. A cost-effective way to handle this is by learning how to design yourself. There are free and easy platforms where you can create a good design for your layouts. Look up Canva, Adobe Spark and PicMonkey for your graphic design needs. 


3. Post Real Estate Testimonials

Online audience banks on real feedback and reviews of your clients. Every client feedback matters as this is how you will be measured online. The more positive reviews you received, the more leads you can get. A positive review will get potential clients to look you up for commercial properties for sale in Chicago.


4. Consider Creating your Own Videos

Aside from photos, videos generate leads. A video can show more emotions and display functionality better than photos or text. In the real estate industry, visual content appeals to viewers during the buying process, especially if you are showing off one or two properties for sale in Chicago.


5. Collaborate with Local Businesses and  Real Estate Experts

When it comes to real estate in Chicago, Illinois, it is best to partner with local businesses and real estate experts to get their insights in the industry. Connecting with others in your community can easily give each other a boost on social media. You can even create content together and share each other’s content through social media. Promoting your business and theirs can help you establish trust and credibility.


6. Share Your Success Stories

Posting online every time you close a deal may look like you are bragging but it builds trust and confidence in your brand. The more people see you visible online buying and selling, the more you gain their trust when the time comes for them to need your services. 


You can also give a shout out to your clients on social media, let them tag you to increase reach, generate engagements and spark interest. Try to get a photo with your happy clients so you can share it on social media.



If you are looking for a house or commercial real estate in Chicago, Illinois, you can work with Nick Velicka by giving him a call 1-630-776-3947.

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