Tips to Get Healthy and Strong Nails


Did you know healthy, well-manicured nails are an integral part of a neat, pulled-together appearance? Most of the time, our nails aren’t as strong as we’d like them to be. But, according to researches, strong, healthy nails can be an indicator of good health. A simple lifestyle change or getting a regular manicure in Des Moines can strengthen your nails and make them look healthy.

Here we’ve listed a few simple ways listed by the professionals from a leading nail salon in Des Moines WA to make your nails stronger.

Apply Cuticle Oil

Keeping your nails healthy and strong doesn’t have to be a costly endeavor! Regularly applying cuticle oil improves the condition of your nails, cuticles, and surrounding skin. Even if you have your nails professionally groomed or do them yourself, you must leave your cuticles alone as it acts as the natural barrier to fungus and bacteria.

Say No to Nail Hardeners

Using nail hardeners causes more damage to your nails in Des Moines WA, so don’t use them unless your nails are exceptionally weak and fragile.

Use Chemical-free Products

Did you know many of your favorite nail polishes, acrylics, and nail polish removers are full of harsh chemicals that cause nail brittleness, dryness, and thinning? So, avoid using gel polishes, acrylic nail glue, acetone soaks, and acetone nail polish removers wherever and whenever possible. By avoiding these chemical irritants, you are protecting your nails from damages caused by chemical exposures.

Choose the Right Nail File

Instead of using your regular emery board, use a crystal nail file that lasts for years. The maintenance of these files is easy and simple, as a simple rinse under the tap is enough to make them look clean and new. Crystal files also allow you to file backward and forwards without the fear of tearing or damaging your nail tips. Using these files is one of the easiest and the healthiest way to get a nice clean shape.

Don’t Dip Nails in Water for a Long Time

Avoid long soaks in the bath or washing up, that requires your nails to be submerged underwater for an extended period of time. If you are a person who enjoys a long, hot relaxing bath, always be mindful to keep your nails above the water.

The Bottom Line

In addition to the above tips, keep your nails always polished to protect the nail and prevent breaking. Include healthy foods in your diet to improve the overall health of your nails

The author of this article is a leading nail expert and is associated with a nail salon in Des Moines WA. In this article, she lists a few tips to keep your nails strong and healthy. Visit for more information.

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