Tips to Ensure Schools Fly Australian National Flags Properly

Australian flag is Australian national symbol and an expression of pride and heritage. Against a blue backdrop the flag has three elements: the Union Jack, the Southern Cross and the Commonwealth Star. The first National Flag Day took place in the Royal Exhibition Buildings, Melbourne, on 3 September 1901and the flag was first flew in the presence of Australia’s first prime minister, the Hon. Edmund Barton and Lady Hopetoun, wife of first Governor-General of Australia.Through school across Australia is encouraged to hold a special ceremony and/or flag-raising on September 3 to commemorate Australian National Flag Day.

Different types of flags to flown in school

There are various flags that can be flown at schools and they are

– Australian National Flag

– The Aboriginal Flag

– The Torres Strait Islander flag

Schools must fly the Australian National Flags in Perth on:

– national flag days, if the school is open

– days when patriotic ceremonies are conducted

Australian National Flag

When it comes to Australian National Flag, the schools can

– generally expect a flag to last for 7 years

– request a replacement flag from a state Senator

– be formally presented with the flag at the school opening, by the Commonwealth Government

The Aboriginal Flag

The symbolic representation of the Aboriginal Flag colours is:

– Yellow: Signifies the Sun, the giver of life and protector.

– Red: Indicatesa spiritual relation to the land,the red ochre,and the red earth

– Black: Symbolizes the AustralianAboriginal people

The Torres Strait Islander flag

The Flag was created by late Bernard Namok from Thursday Island as a representation of identity and unity for the Torres Strait Islander peoples. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission acknowledged the flag in the years 1992, and gave equal prominence to the Aboriginal flag.It was recognized by the Australian government in July 1995 as an official ‘Australian Flag’ under the 1953 Flags Act.

How to fly the Australian national flag

Schools can fly the Australian national flagin between 8:00am and the closing time, and it is exceptional for special occasions. The schools can raise the Australian National Flags in Perth at the start of each school day. Also, the schools can fly the Australian National flag at nightonly with illumination or during special casesthat are directed by the Department of Premier and Cabinet.

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