Tips To Complement Your Artificial Lawn with Plants and Flowers


The amount of time, effort, and money spent on the natural lawn can be overwhelming. That is why many Aussies prefer fake grass installation in Sydney. Yes, by replacing the natural lawn with artificial turf you can save money and time that is needed to maintain a good looking lawn. Besides, today’s artificial turf is manufactured to mimic the natural lawn so that no one could differentiate it, and the synthetic grass installation cost Sydney is less when compared to the maintenance of the natural lawn.

However, you need some flowers, plants, and shrubs to beautify your artificial lawn. You can complement your synthetic turf by planting certain flowers and plants, and here are a few ideas to create stunning garden:-

Choose low-maintenance plants

The whole idea of replacing the natural lawn with synthetic grass is to reduce maintenance. So, when you are planning to plant some flowers, choose low-maintenance plants and plants that require less water. Nationwide, landscaped irrigation accounts for about one-third of all residential water use, which equals nearly 9 billion gallons per day.

No matter if you are living in a dry climate or have sufficed water, a synthetic turf accented with water-efficient plants and flowers can help save money, water, and time on maintenance.

Choose annuals and perennials

By planting annuals and perennials, you can keep your garden colourful throughout the year. If you are in a warm climate, perennials are an excellent option as they are more prone to freezing during the winter season. Vinca Major is the popular perennial as it can grow 18 inches, spread easily, and bloom blue flowers in spring. Popular winter varieties include petunias, pansies, and snapdragons.

Choose evergreen trees

Plant trees that remains green throughout the year. They not only provide shade during the summer but also remain green during the winter. If you are planning to integrate existing trees into your synthetic grass landscape, consult the synthetic grass installers Sydney. A synthetic grass installer can tell you whether the yard tree is suitable for the turf.

Add stones

You can add stones throughout the fake grass and use them either as the centrepiece of the lawn or as a hidden gem among the foliage.

Artificial grass looks great in any season and reduces the cost and effort of maintenance. Enhance your synthetic lawn with plants, flowers, and complementary ornaments.

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