Tips To Clean Your Aluminium Venetian Blinds


Cleaning and maintaining your window coverings is not only to help keep them looking nice and dust free, it’s also to help prolong their lifespan. Purchasing new window coverings, especially those which are custom made to your exact windows and customisations, are an investment for your home, so keeping them in good condition is important.

When it comes to cleaning Venetian Blinds, there are three main Venetian Blind types to consider; wooden Venetian blinds, PVC Venetian Blinds and Aluminium Venetian Blinds. How to clean and maintain each of these Venetian Blind types does vary, due to the types of materials used to make the blinds. Here we have mentioned how to clean and maintain your aluminium venetian blinds to ensure their longevity.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Aluminium Venetian Blinds are a great solution for bathrooms, kitchens, are very similar to the PVC Venetian Blind to clean and maintain. The Aluminium Venetian Blinds are also a very durable window covering solution and also one which can withstand water, hot temperatures and humidity.

To clean the Aluminium Venetian Blinds, simply apply the same steps above for the PVC Venetian Blind. Aluminium Venetian Blinds can also be taken down out of its brackets and thoroughly cleaned in a bathtub. Simply fill a bathtub with clean water and clean each slat with a sponge. Ensure the blinds are rehung and left in the open position to allow them to dry completely before using again.

Extra Cleaning Tips

-Keep a feather duster handy or invest in a handheld vacuum to make the cleaning process easier and quicker. These are useful tools for dusting hard to reach locations.

-When cleaning Venetian Blinds, keep a peg handy and use this to mark which slat you are currently cleaning. This will help you to keep track and for those who are interrupted during the cleaning process.

-Cleaning around the blinds will also help to prolong their lifespan.

-You can purchase a Venetian Blind slat cleaner which has prongs wrapped in a microfiber cloth to help clean the slats easily.

By regularly dusting the blinds, when it comes time to do a deep clean, this will be an easier task as you have been maintaining the level of build-up on the blind. For a deep clean, by completing this once every few months will help to prolong the life of the blind. If you need to buy venetian blinds online, you can rely on Super Blinds Mart.

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