Tips How Seniors Adjust to “New Normal” in Home Care Agencies in Seattle, WA

We are all reminded several times a day, every day in the news media, and on the internet the rules that we need to follow to avoid being infected. These rules are social distancing, constant hand washing, and the wearing of masks. We are all being challenged right now as we try to find our foothold and adjust to the ‘new normal’ in our homes and the community we live in.  

As communities start to transition in lifting the restrictions, precautions such as maintaining social distance, wearing face masks, limiting trips to the store for supply runs, contactless payments, and use of online transactions are now the new normal. There are new check-in procedures at the doctor’s office that could prove to be upsetting to the elderly. Especially if your older loved one needs elderly home care.


Update yourself with the latest COVID-19 guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and your nearest public health agencies. Here are a few tips on how you can help your older loved ones adjust in the “new normal”:

Explain the New Normal 


Older adults who are struggling with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or memory impairment need to be reminded about the reason for taking increased safety precautions. They may not understand why everyone is wearing masks, why their caregiver is constantly asking them to wash their hands more often, or why they can’t visit their family.


The masks make it difficult to recognize familiar faces, which could cause confusion, anxiety, paranoia, or fear. Some elderlies may resist following COVID-19 safety measures.


One needs to calmly explain the reason for the safety precautions to help your loved one understand. Explain that their health and safety is a priority for their caregivers. Making these safety reminders a game or contest of handwashing to ease stress and confusion is a good strategy. 


Prepare When Going Out in Public


Prepare your loved one by explaining what to expect when going out in public places for a medical appointment or another necessary errand. 


You may start telling your loved one that he or she will have to wear a mask for his or her visit to the doctor’s office. Tell them to expect that the office staff will be wearing masks, too. You can give them a head’s up why you will have to call the office from the parking lot to let the staff know you are there, answer screening questions, and have your temperature taken.

Get Help from one of the In-Home Health Care Agencies in Seattle 


Having a trusted in-home caregiver from one of the home health care agencies can help your older loved one adjust to new routines and safety precautions in the new normal. 


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