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Dental emergencies can happen to you at the worst of times. Imagine in the middle of the night you are walking to the kitchen for a midnight snack, and suddenly, you slip on and hit the floor hard. You notice your mouth is bleeding, and you feel a tooth is loose. What to do next? You will be panicking. Dental emergencies can occur when you never expect them. To be prepared for the worst, you should know how to handle an emergency.

What is a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies are extreme dental problems light trauma that needs immediate attention from your dentist Balmain. Few examples of dental emergency include:

– Lost or broken crown knocked out tooth

– Large objects caught between teeth

– Severe toothache

– Injury to the gums

The key to look out for is pain. If your loved one or you are suffering from unbearable pain, you cannot focus on anything else but a dental emergency. You should act quickly and visit emergency dentist Balmain at the earliest. Here is what you should do before you visit the dentist.

Don’t Panic:

Dental emergencies can be stressful and painful. Try to stay calm, and you should remain assured of the fact that the emergency dentist can resolve the dental issue that you are facing currently.

Call your Dentist:

When you are suffering a dental issue that is extremely uncomfortable without wasting any time, call your dentist. You should fix an appointment and, if possible, wait till the scheduled date or visit an emergency dental clinic Balmain right away.

Rinse your mouth:

There is always a risk of infection with an injury. Rinse the injured area with lukewarm saltwater to clean any debris which might be there. This can prevent further complications from occurring.

Apply Pressure:

If your mouth is bleeding due to injury of the gums or broken teeth, you might experience bleeding. Try to stop bleeding by biting on a fresh piece of gauze. Apply gentle pressure on the injured area, and this will promote the clotting of blood.

Cold Compress:

If a large object is caught in between your teeth, a cold compress will help. This will provide relief against pain.

Have someone drive you to Dental Care:

Dental problems are incredibly uncomfortable. They can distract your focus while driving, so do not drive yourself to the emergency dental clinic. Choose someone to help you with it.

Although it seems unlikely, having a plan for a dental emergency can make all the difference, especially when it comes to saving a tooth.

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