Tips for Selecting the Perfect Menu for Business Events

Planning an event is not an easy task. It could be sometimes overwhelming as you’ll have to organise a lot of things and make many decisions. Of all the decisions you’ll have to make, food is one of the major decisions as it can make or break a business event. It’s the food that connects people. Right from cooking to serving and everything in-between, a large portion of organising business event accounts for corporate catering Sydney.

Food may not be a top priority when planning a business event. But, keep in mind; attendees are just as likely to remember a bad meal forever. Cost, menu selection, and unforeseen allergies are the significant elements that can make your event food unnecessary stress, especially if you are not prepared. That’s why it is essential to pick the menu for your business event carefully, and here are a few tips from a professional catering company in Sydney:-

Get the basics right

Before start looking for corporate lunch catering Sydney Company, create a list of the event details such as the date, location, the number of guests, and their food preferences. Doing so will help you narrow down your options when you start researching for vendors. It especially helps if you have a theme in mind that you can work with to create a realistic menu in the budget. Think about the location. Whether you are planning for live or have it delivered in the event. How far is the location? Will the food be able to stay hot till the event gets over? So, start with the details first.

Research well

Now that you have the basic details, it’s time to start looking for corporate catering companies. Get a reference from your friends, family, and colleagues. Surf their website, check the reviews and talk to some of the vendors’ previous clients to get an idea of their experiences.

Accommodate all your guests

The menu options offered by the catering company are flexible. However, the key to satisfy your guest is offering a variety of food choices. Educating yourself about the event attendees’ general background can help narrow down the menu. While younger guests may be more adventurous, a group of health-conscious people may prefer vegetarian food items or seafood options. Therefore, let the menu be suitable for all age group of people.

Besides, religious requirements, food allergies, and dietary restrictions are also some of the major factors you need to keep in mind while setting the menu.

Consider the time of the event

This is one of the essential factors you need to consider when planning the menu. While food is an important aspect of any event, think how the food plan fits into the event as a whole. Consider whether it is brunch, lunch, or dinner. Also, consider the food serving style such as a live station, a buffet, or plated service. All these things help to pick the right menu.

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