Tips for Reducing the Cost of Bathroom Remodeling

Although bathroom remodeling Centennial is exciting, the price can be overwhelming. This is one of the significant reasons why many homeowners tend to ignore the renovation project. According to Remodeling magazine, a midrange bathroom remodel can cost about $18,500 on average.

However, the cost of bathroom remodeling or kitchen remodeling Centennial is difficult to estimate. It depends on several factors, including the materials used, where you live, the size of the bathroom, how significant your changes are, and the contractor you hire. But, there is a way to keep costs low during your remodel without compromising on the style and function. These tips will help you minimize the cost of a bathroom renovation:-

Find the right materials for functionality and longevity

The materials you are using significantly influence the cost of your remodeling project, not just due to the type of product but also the labor cost of the installation. The cost of materials will also vary whether you are opting for an expensive or generic brand. Besides, there are different materials, as well. Luxury tiles can be very costlier to install than a laminate floor. There are different products at low price that look great when installed in the right place. So, shop around. Do not settle with the one you first see. However, don’t opt for super cheap stuff but ensure to reduce the cost by sticking to reliable cheap products.

Renovate the tub

An old tub or shower shows signs of aging. But, you could make it look a brand new one by renovating. This is not a DIY job, so the tub should be professionally resurfaced, which could be much cheaper than buying a new one.


Instead of buying expensive bathroom fixtures to give your bathroom a new look, choose the right paint colors. Even in a small bathroom, the right colors can do wonders.

Keep it minimal

One of the major reasons why bathroom remodeling is expensive is because of the high-end style for the extravagant. So, a minimalist approach can definitely cut down on costs. Opt for a simple shower rather than a tub. The bathtub to shower remodel cost is lesser than a complete change of bathroom fixtures.

Hire the best contractor for the job

One of the most effective cost-savings measures is to hire potential bathroom remodeling contractors. Be it kitchen remodeling or basement finishing Centennial; don’t pick one for no real reason. Get recommendations from your friends and family and settle with one that offers reliable service at the best price.

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