Tips for Maximising the Effectiveness of Emergency Medicine Procedure

So you want to improve your emergency procedural skills. A career in Emergency medicine could be rewarding as you will be able to learn and perform a mix of clinical procedures. However, it is a hectic job. Emergency medicine requires thought processes that incorporate several factors including the assessment of urgency, incorporate risk stratification, and treat immediately which leads to treatment before diagnosis. Management of injured or seriously ill patients often requires intervention based on the problem rather than specific pathology.

As an emergency physician one of the daunting tasks is taking the steps to enhance your procedural skills that are required in the emergency department. Are you interested? Here are a few tips for getting started:-

Emergency Medicine Podcasts Are Great

Have you heard about critical care podcast? If you are looking for something different and more innovative in medical education, nothing is as effective as urgent care podcast. You really have to explore urgent care podcast as they are found to be beneficial and engaging by residents and physicians who work in ER. With a limited budget, listening to audio is a good approach. You could even get to listen to the conversations about patients and doctors’ experience at the ER. Podcasts help prepare your mind for the rigours of practicing emergency medicine that offers a stimulating experience. In addition to it, you can listen to the valuable insights of ER physicians’ experiences shared by the doctors.

Nurses Are Your Best Friends

Generally, nurses receive a lot of information and receive more training on the medical procedures, including IV placement, administering medications, venepuncture, placing catheters, and managing all the machinery found in a patient room. It is a wealth of information that will help you as a medical student, especially during clinical years and as a future ER specialist. However, nurses are busy. But, get help during a less buys time and ask the nurse to practice procedures.

Learn Other Specialities

While emergency physicians perform different types of procedures, it is good to learn about other specialties as well. You could learn about intubations, anaesthesia, suturing, and much more. EMS ride-along is also a great way to get exposed to the world of emergency medicine. The list goes on and on. But, always keep in mind; you will need working knowledge of other specialties for diagnosing and treating.

Ask Questions

The more you ask, the more you could learn from your senior emergency physicians. Ask more questions and always try to understand the why of whatever skill you are trying to improve.

Every nurse, attending, and resident went through the same. So, you have to start somehow. Emergency medicine podcasts are indeed effective and beneficial in many ways for all medical students. Start exploring more about emergency podcasts.

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