Tips for Keeping Your Granite Countertops like New

With its durability and beauty, granite countertops bring a touch of elegance to a kitchen. It’s the countertops that help do many activities in your kitchen right from meal preparation and casual dining to homework help. But, still, for as much as use as countertops undergo, homeowners want the countertop to not only resist wear and tear but also define the overall look and feel of the kitchen. In short, if you want to your granite countertop to boast beauty even after using it a lot. That’s why granite continues to top the list and be as king of countertops even after so many years of popularity.

No other material offers such an effective balance of attention-grabbing aesthetics and functionality. So, it’s essential to maintain the countertops to keep them good looking.

Here are a few tips for cleaning and maintaining your granite slabs Sydney:-

You don’t have to be a genius to find out how to clean granite countertops properly. But, cleaning a granite countertop requires extra care and attention because the stone can actually be damaged by many cleaning products and techniques used.

Follow these steps as shared by the granite supplier Sydney and you’ll be satisfied with the results:-

Use Mild Dish Soap Liquid

For regular cleaning, nothing is as effective as mild dish washing liquid diluted with water. Keep in mind that granites can get scratched easily; ensure to use a sponge or microfiber cloth. Avoid using abrasive scrubber as it would spoil the look of your granite.

Take the sponge or cloth, dip in the soap solution, and wipe gently. Wipe across the entire countertop in a circular motion. Dried-on food splatter would require more grease, but it is best to stick to non-abrasive methods unless you have a stain. Soak the place of the dried-food splatter before start cleaning the countertop so that it could be easier when you are wiping.

Dry Completely

Dry off the countertop completely after cleaning and wiping down the countertops as it will not only help to protect the granite from water damage but also to eliminate the streaks and leave the countertops with eye-catching shine.

Stain Removal

In most of the cases, most of the stains on the granite countertops could be cleaned with the household items, and you may already have them in your pantry. Whatever the source of stain maybe, use baking soda to remove it. Mix the baking soda with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to clean the water stain. On the other hand, mix the baking soda with water to remove the oil-based stain. In both methods, the mixture should be a thick paste. Leave the home-made stain remover overnight on the stains and then rinse and wipe down your countertop.

With proper care, you can keep your granite slabs Sydney looking new and make it last longer.

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