Tips for finding a Wedding Venue without getting overwhelmed!

When you begin to search for your wedding venue, it seems easy initially. You will obviously have an idea about the number of guests you are inviting, your budget and the location where you want to get married. By this time, you would have even started to visit different venues to see if it will meet all your requirements. Some venues might feel like a good fit but might come with drawbacks! Don’t rush. Take your time, as its important that you fall in love with your wedding venue. You can get yourself out of the stress of deciding on a venue by considering some important aspects.


When you notice that you are falling into the wedding venue tunnel, make sure to start thinking of priorities. One of the best ways to do this is, to write down a list of the shortlisted venues and rate them. Here is what you should consider, venue type, location, availability of dates, the proximity of ceremony to reception settings, ceremony backdrops, and reception backdrops.

Ask questions:

Once you have prioritised, you will have so many questions on unique wedding venues Sydney on the top of your list. Answers to all your questions can impact majorly on your budget, helping you to start rating the venues individually. Here we have listed a few of the many questions to which you should find answers.

– Are there any restrictions on the user?

– What is the cancellation policy?

– What are all the possible fees?

– What furniture is included?

– Is the existing lighting enough?

– Is there adequate space to accommodate your guests?

– Are there enough restrooms for your guests?

– Is there parking?

Make a comparison chart:

If you have too many viable options, organise all the questions you have in mind, then jot them down on a paper to get a visual comparison. This will help to ensure that you have answers to all your questions. Also, in the end, include a column with your estimated budget, which can help separate additional lighting, rentals, and whatever you feel like you would need based on the information you have collected from the research.

Do your homework:

Put your efforts upfront to find the best wedding venues Sydney. If you find it hard to figure out what you should budget for, you can talk to the staff at wedding venues Sydney who can help you.

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