Tips for Choosing the Right Rose for Every Occasion


With their beauty and versatility, it is no wonder that roses are the most popular flowers in the world. From being a key ingredient in perfumes to being showcased around homes, roses grace all our important ceremonies and celebrations.

In fact, roses have become the perfect means to express our love and affection to someone special. Often, it is the shade of the rose that determines its corresponding occasion. However, the number of roses should also be considered. With different hues and types of rose arrangements, it can be difficult to choose the right one that is suitable for the occasion. So, how will you choose? Here are a few tips from the florists in London Ontario:-


The rose, above all flowers, is a symbol of romance and love. The major reasons why people choose roses for their wedding is they are good-looking, reliable, long-lasting, and available throughout the year. As there are over 100 species and ten thousand varieties, this gorgeous flower can work well in both loose bouquets and more formal floral arrangements. This is why you can find roses in many wedding schemes. They can look chic and modern for a contemporary interior or a traditional venue.

Of all shades of rose, white is traditionally associated with weddings as they symbolize unity and purity. Bridal bouquets are usually comprised of white roses. However, you can choose the other shades available in the flower shops in London Ontario.


In addition to being a great way to send birthday wishes to someone special, roses can make a beautiful centerpiece for a birthday party. Yellow roses or an assortment of multicolored roses can be given to celebrate a birthday. You can use the flower delivery London Ontario service to deliver a birthday bouquet if you are out of town.

Mother’s Day

What better way could there be than sending a bouquet of roses to honor your mother on Mother’s Day? Of course, your mother will love the roses. You can send a bouquet of your mother’s favorite color roses or choose multi-colored roses to show how much appreciation you have for everything she does for you.

Get Well

Research shows that flowers help the patient to feel better and heal quickly. So, why not pick roses to say Get Well Soon or brighten someone’s day? Choose vibrant shades.


While white roses are often used to represent reverence and honor, pale pink roses are traditional ways to convey a message of sympathy. In fact, roses have been used for decades as a way to express the deepest emotions.

There is virtually no limit to the kinds of occasions roses can be used for. You can use them to say thank you, congratulations, or to express your love and sincerity to someone special.

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