Tips for Choosing an Accent Wall Colour

If your bedroom or living is boring, maybe it’s time for a change. Of course, decluttering and changing the bedding can help to some extent. But, how about creating an accent wall? Yes, accent walls are an excellent way to make the interiors of your house stand out. The accent wall is typically a different colour than the other walls in a room. In fact, it gives your space a big dose of design, making the room appear larger or smaller.

To get started, you’ll have to choose which wall you need to accent and then comes the creative part of choosing the colour of the accent wall. However, picking the right colour for the accent wall can be challenging as it can significantly influence the look and feel of a room and you can’t just paint it with any colour.

But, don’t worry. Here are a few tips for picking the accent wall colour shared by the painters in Sydney Inner West.

Choose the right wall

In order to make the most of your accent wall, you should pick the right surface for creating an accent wall. Generally, the best wall to accent is the first wall you notice when you walk into a room that features a fireplace, bookcase, wainscoting, or anything else that is attractive. Choose an accent wall with no windows or doors.

Consider other colours of the room

The shade that you pick for the accent wall should be based on the colour of your other walls, and it should blend well. Most accent walls look great with high contrast shades. Use a strong colour for your accent wall if you have a neutral colour for your other walls, and vice versa. Think about the mood you want to create in the room based on its purpose.

Develop a colour scheme

Do not overdo one colour. Yes, always stick to the 60-30-10 rule when you are decorating or painting a room. That means 60 precent should be a neutral colour while 30 precent should be applied to a second colour and 10 precent reserved for the accent colour.

Follow the trends

When it comes to creating an accent wall, think outside the box. While some create an accent wall, others tend to use wallpaper with an interesting pattern. Vivid colours are always in style and trends. Get inspired by the Pinterest accent wall photos and Instagram trending accent wall shades.

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