Tips for a successful Bathroom Renovation!

Renovating your bathroom is an exciting and fun home project to take on. As you are reading this article, hopefully, you are planning a renovation now and looking for ideas. For the renovation to go smoothly, safely, and within your budget, it requires an established design and a clear plan. Here are some tips from the experts who do small bathroom renovations in Sydney to bring your vision to life successfully.

Before beginning the Bathroom renovation:

Until you have everything planned and need, don’t start the renovation project. Renovating an existing space is a significant investment of time and resources. Bathroom renovation can be time-consuming, expensive and messy. So choose wisely and go with something timeless.

While the internet provides access to every services and products you would ever need to renovate your bathroom, the amount of information available online can be a bit overwhelming and elevate stress levels. These pitfalls can be avoided when you rely upon a specialist who specifies and design hundreds of bathrooms every year and knows how to sort things out of chaos.

Design a functional and open space:

The bathroom sets the mood for the start and end of the day. So make sure the backdrop fits perfect for your lifestyle. Beautiful modern cabinetry is an ideal anchor piece for the mood of the bathroom. Whether you want a high gloss or painted cabinets, you can accent the functionality with unique solutions to make the room beautiful and functional for any time of the day.

To make your bathroom feel bigger, think clean lines, airy and light. Start with light monochromatic colours, add mirrors to the walls, run the tiles from floor to ceiling, install a glass shower door, backlight the mirror and use high gloss paint to reflect light.

Keep future in mind

While designing the bathroom, consider your future needs. You must ensure that you accommodate all your future needs. After all, aging is inevitable, and you and your loved ones will age in this same place for years to come.

Traditional bathroom designs can pose serious hazards for people with physical limitations. While looking for affordable small bathroom renovations cost, consider increasing accessibility features in your renovated bathroom.

Choose long-lasting surfaces:

Choose the right surfaces during a bathroom renovation project. These surfaces should not only add to the overall aesthetic, but it must also handle moisture. Experts who do best bathroom renovations Sydney usually recommend porcelain tiles when it comes to wall and flooring as it resists bacteria, odour and staining. Also, choose larger tiles to minimise grout lines and make upkeep easier.

Finally, create a relaxing and rejuvenating space. Breathe some new health in the space when you plan a renovation project!

The author is a Sydney-based bathroom renovation specialist. With a team of professionals, he offers a range of bathroom packages that makes bathroom remodelling an easy and seamless process. For small bathroom renovations Sydney, visit

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