Tips and Tricks for Making the Perfect Pizza

It seems this lockdown has turned everyone into MasterChef contestants, showing off their cooking skills. In fact, this lockdown has made cooking cool for most of us, regardless of gender. Even though we try several dishes at home, one dish that is missed by everyone, would be pizza, especially the best pizza in Chippendale.

Although Australia is resuming to new normal, the threat of virus still exists. While pizza delivery Chippendale is a good idea to avoid contracting the virus, making the pizza from scratch could be more exciting and fun.

Home-made pizza doesn’t require all those ingredients used in the pizza restaurant. You’ll need only a few ingredients, including cheese, sauce, dough, and a very few toppings. Whether you order pizza from the pizza restaurant Chippendale or making on your own, you deserve a great pizza.

Here are some tricks for making the best pizza:-

Use a pizza stone

Do you want to get a delicious pizza? Use a pizza stone! It is one of the most important rules when it comes to making pizza at home. Commercial pizza ovens can rise up to 800F, which causes a rapid rise in the dough, making it crispy, fluffy, and delicious. However, it can’t be achieved through your oven. That’s why you need to make use of a pizza stone to attain the texture, crispiness, and fluffiness in your homemade pizza.

Never use the tomato paste

You can use tomato paste but definitely not in the pizza sauce. A good tomato sauce must have only a few ingredients, including onions, garlic, tomato, and salt. Trust us; it tastes fresher and delicious when you avoid tomato paste. Tomato paste can ruin the flavour of the toppings.

Don’t use roller pin

Whether the dough is store-bought or made from scratch, avoid using a roller pin unless you want a super-thin crust. This is because the rolling pin can crush out the gas from the dough, and you won’t get light, airy dough. Gently press the dough with your hands.

Use the right cheese

Try to use full-fat, flavoured cheeses as they offer better melting coverage when compared to low-moisture cheeses that end up in rubbery texture. If you want that gooey texture, go for full-fat cheese.

Less is more

After sauce and cheese, keep the toppings as low as possible to a maximum of three. It gives a better taste and prevents the dough from getting too soggy.

Cook the toppings

Be it meat or vegetables; ensure everything is cooked before you top it on the pizza. The oven won’t be hot enough to fully cook the veggies and meat and end up in par-cooking.

With these and tricks, you are sure to make a pizza that is delicious!

The author is a chef and blogger who works in the pizza restaurant Chippendale. Along with a team of professionals, he provides delicious, Italian pizza for all types of events in the city and surrounding areas. Visit for more details.

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