Three Stages of EPC; Simon India is The Best EPC Engineering Company in India

The abbreviation ‘EPC’ might be baffling. It indicates Engineering, Procurement, and Construction and broadly known as EPC contracting which is a far-reaching practice in the construction business today. Under this contracting arrangement, the contractor makes the design of the office, gets the necessary materials, and develops the undertaking for the owner as an end-result of a pre-determined value, which stays fixed independent of any ascent in consumption later on.

Three Stages of EPC

·         EPC involves 3 separate stages, the first engineering stage involves functions such as initiation, execution, design, estimation, planning and programming, valuation, etc.

·         In the procurement stage, functions range from purchasing, speeding up the progress, and receiving to billing and reconciliation.

·         Lastly, the construction stage is full of risks, encompasses functions like scheduling, on-site material handling, construction activities, on-the-spot client communications, valuation, and cash flow, and closing.


EPC contracting is mounting in prevalence over the world, because of its numerous advantages for the owner, for example, cost conviction, reduced stress, security against price hike, simplified communication, quality and time affirmation, and so on It has additionally prompted expanded EPC recruitment exercises so as to fulfill the enormous human asset necessities in this sector.

In numerous nations across the world, especially in India, large-scale infrastructure development projects are being embraced to cope with the surge in population and the need to use unused natural resources like oil, gaseous petrol, metals, and minerals. Therefore, some of the best EPC companies in India are in extraordinary interest more than ever since the owners of these activities need to benefit from the various preferences of such contracting referenced previously.

Consider “Simon India” for all your EPC projects. Simon India is an ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 ECP Company. The company deals in the business of engineering & construction of process plants, chemicals, fertilizes, oil & gas, petrochemicals, and cement projects using clean technologies with a mission to achieve recognition and growth through customer satisfaction, employee motivation, and innovative approach.

We are the pioneers of the refinery and petrochemical company in India. Simon India has executed three extraordinary projects and currently working on so many other projects. Besides refinery and petrochemical projects, Simon India is the top power cement company in India.

Simon India strives to be a world-class company in terms of business. We ensure, world-class in the quality of people we employ, and in the perception of clients with whom we deal.

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