Three simple ways to Increase Your Website’s Speed!

Do you think that speeding up your site isn’t essential? Think again!

A one-second delay in page loading time yields:

– 7% loss in conversions

– 16% decrease in customer satisfaction

– 11% fewer page views

A few extra seconds can have a significant impact on your ability to engage your visitors and make sales. This means that having a fast loading website is one of the contributing factors to your site’s Google ranking. That’s why the best SEO consultants always stress optimising the websites’ loading speed. If yours is an e-commerce business, your page speed is going to be a major concern, since a fast loading website leads to happier customers, which in turn leads to higher conversion rates. However, based on the number of images you have on a page, it can slow down. If page speed is your concern, here are a few changes you can make to increase the site loading time!

Compress and Resize the Images:

If you have many product images on your site, your website is probably image-heavy. Whenever possible, instead of PNGs, try to use JPG or JPEG files for smaller file sizes. You can also use a photo editing software for resizing and scaling your images to decrease file size.

Use a Simple Website Design:

By simplifying your site’s design, you can increase its speed. That’s because it reduces the number of HTTP requests your site requires for loading. An HTTP request is made for all the elements that make up your site, including CSS, JavaScript, and image files. As you minimise the number of elements on your website, the number of requests also go down, thus impacting the page loading speed.

Simple website design also offers an added benefit of improving User Experience. Simple site designs are rated continuously as more preferable. When too much is going on, the searchers will find it hard to locate the info they are looking for and may become annoyed. A simple design will allow your visitors to scroll your site more efficiently and also make a purchase.

Enable Caching:

It is usually rare that a first time visitor will purchase on your site. Their first visit is most likely during the initial research phase when they are narrowing down the list of sites they consider. By enabling caching, you can significantly cut down the time it takes for second-time visitors to load your site.

Once your site is set up for caching, your visitors would store the elements of your site on their hard drive in a temporary or cache storage. The next time they click of your website, their browser can load the page without requiring to send all those HTTP requests to the server once again.

These tips are just a few of the many ways to improve your websites speed. We chose them since they are some of the easiest changes to imply. However, we recommend you to talk to experts in best SEO in Sydney for implementing some additional steps to increase your website speed. Go ahead and take advantage of the affordable SEO services Sydney they offer.

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