Three Distraction Categories That You Are Likely to Experience When Driving


Driving is a very involving task that requires your full attention. There are common distractions on the road that can lead to road accidents in Belen. When this occurs, you should seek the services of a personal injury attorney Belen to help you out.

The personal injury attorney Belen will help you identify the possible cause of accidents and take appropriate legal action.

There are three categories of road distractions that you are likely to experience while driving:

Driving Distractions Associated with Visuals

As noted earlier, driving is a very involving task that needs your full concentration and attention. You have to be keen on your immediate environment plus other things that are not in your view. You should be cautious with animals, cyclists, pedestrians, and other vehicles, both moving and those that have stopped.

There are so many types of hazards that could arise when you are driving. You should be keen on such hazards and put them into consideration as soon as possible. This will keep you prepared to evade them or avoid head-on collisions with them.

Using your phone is also another kind of distraction. It is one of the most common visual distractions. Looking at your phone or replying to a text can have very serious consequences. You should avoid using your phones while driving to ensure your safety and that of other parties.

Other types of visual distractions that are common include taking a look at some wrecked cars as you drive past them, looking at the passengers in the back seats and constant checks on the navigation systems. You should try as much as possible to avoid them. You can know more about them by contacting car accident lawyers Belen.

Distractions Associated with Manual Driving

These are the kinds of distractions that usually force you to take your hands off the wheel. They include distractions like applying makeup and doing general grooming to yourself, making constant adjustments to the stereo system or the navigation system, eating or drinking while driving, taking something from the back seat and taking something from your bag, suitcase or purse.

You should avoid this kind of manual distractions and, if necessary, stop the car to do whatever thing you want to do before you continue driving.

Distractions Associated with Cognitive Driving

Distractions associated with cognitive driving are those that will take your mind off the traffic around you and the general driving process.

There are so many types of cognitive driving distractions. Simply put, everything that involves the distraction of your attention can be classified as a cognitive driving distraction. Like visual and manual driving distractions, cognitive driving distractions can be hazardous. Conversing actively with the passengers in the car is one kind of such cognitive driving distraction that can be dangerous.

Statistics reveal that several accidents have occurred due to this issue. You should, therefore, take an active role in eliminating these kinds of cognitive distractions and reach a personal injury law firm Belen NM if there is a collision due to one of these distractions. Drive at lower speeds, avoid accidents maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and other vehicles or cyclists.

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