Thinking Of “Breakfast Catering Near Me?” Waterfront Gourmet Is It

Thinking of pulling out the phone and typing ‘Breakfast Catering Near Me’ into the search bar? Stop right there. We have your solution to that age-old question of finding the catering near you to make the grade.

No longer will you have to search through listings and read reviews of other caterers, trusting word of mouth and other buzz to bring you the ideal caterer for your early morning events or gatherings. It all comes down to what Waterfront Gourmet can offer you – a total solution to breakfast catering.

First off, early morning events, whether private or professional, are a class unto themselves. They’re not like afternoon meetings where, at the very least, half of the participants are awake. In the morning most people are asleep, and until they’ve had their fix of breakfast and coffee or tea it will remain that way. No one wants to be bothered with preparing breakfast or even brewing coffee. That’s half of the reason that so many people make those quick stops for Java on the way to work. Morning is the time for the enjoyment of coffee and breakfast, not the making of it.

Which is another thing that Waterfront Gourmet understands. They’re here to make your life easier, and that’s just what they’ll do. Some people are bagel people, some people are pastry people, and some people even enjoy a filling breakfast sandwich. That’s something else that Waterfront Gourmet understands. They’ll come to your early morning rescue with freshly made platters of bagels, pastries, breakfast sandwiches and more.

They’ll also prepare you for your early morning meeting with fruit trays and other healthy and delicious offerings for the attendees. That’s another thing that Waterfront Gourmet does well. They specialize in offering not only delicious, filling, unique menu items, but selections that are vegan, vegetarian or otherwise plant-based for the health-conscious.

No breakfast is complete without tea or freshly brewed coffee, and Waterfront Gourmet will supply you with distinctive coffee by bali espressoⓇ, as well as teas and juices for those who enjoy an early morning cup of juice. It’s the perfect breakfast offering.

In addition to the many healthy and delicious offerings that Waterfront Gourmet offers in its catering, every order placed is freshly prepared to order. All you need to do is call them a few hours in advance and they’ll have your entire order freshly made for delivery.

Which itself is another benefit of setting yourself up with catering through Waterfront Gourmet. Catering is supposed to make your life easier, not harder, and delivery is just one more thing you’ll have to account for when you need breakfast catering, which by nature occurs early to begin with. Waterfront Gourmet, however, delivers all catered orders for free. That’s right, they offer freshly made, delicious breakfasts and they even deliver them for free.

And yes, it does get better. Waterfront Gourmet operates four locations conveniently located throughout the City of Philadelphia – all you need to do is call the closest one to your venue and they’ll walk you through everything to make the whole experience of catering breakfast a whole lot smoother and easier.

Feel free to reach out to any of their locations. Their flagship location is along the Delaware Waterfront at 5 North Columbus Blvd at Penn’s Landing can be reached at 267-227-1994, though they operate three other locations. Call them up at their Center City location at Roberts Center, In University City or at Dilworth Plaza. For more information on how to end the search for ‘breakfast catering near me,’ visit their website at today.


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