Things You Need To Know About Porcelain Slabs

Whether you are planning to revamp your kitchen, bathroom benchtops, floors, or designing a new one, porcelain slabs are a perfect choice. With its versatility, durability, and functionality, Porcelain Slabs in Sydney is the most sought-after stones when it comes to adorning the space. Porcelain is highly durable can withstand daily wear and tear even in commercial environments, which makes them a perfect choice for large, active families with pets and commercial settings. Thanks to the advanced digital printing technologies as porcelain slabs come in a more attractive and realistic manner than ever before.

If you are about to renovate or build, you need to definitely consider porcelain slabs. If you are not sure, here is the guide to choosing the porcelain slabs.

Porcelain tiles work well in any space

Porcelain slabs can be used anywhere in your space, right from your kitchen countertops and floors to the bathroom walls. In fact, Porcelain benchtops Sydney are a very popular choice for kitchen and bathroom. They also blend perfectly in hallways, bedrooms, utility rooms, outside patios, and living spaces as they are denser than ceramic and possess lower moisture content. This feature gives the stone an impressively durable texture. The way it is pressed minimises the voids within the bisque, making it perfect for external use such as for walls and floors.

Select the right kind of porcelain slabs

Choosing the right kind of porcelain slabs based on the usage is vital. While polished porcelain slabs come with a sleek finished and are primarily used for luxurious floors, matt finish tiles are the most common type which can be used anywhere you want to achieve the natural finish. Porcelain paving slabs look great in outdoor areas, while texture porcelain slabs are an ideal choice for wet-rooms and outdoor patios.


Although the porcelain slabs are easy to maintain and clean, you must be familiar with all tile care and warrant information. It is essential to use only the cleaning supplies suggested by the manufacturers to keep the warranty intact. If you fail to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines, it may lead to preventable damage to the floor, tile, and countertops or wherever you have used the porcelain tile.

Test the tile sample at house

Just because in the showroom it looks beautiful and attractive, it doesn’t mean it offers the same look to your house. Hence, it is important to test the tile sample in your house. Use the tile that you got from the showroom in your house or use the mood board to match it with your materials.

As you see, these are the things you must be aware of before purchasing the Porcelain Slab. Get help from your stone supplier to choose the right material for your floor or wall or countertops.


Please note this is not to be relied upon as advice or any form of representation in relation to the properties or performance of the above listed product(s). This is solely for promotional purposes; please consult your stone specialist prior to selecting or purchasing any of the above listed product(s).<

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