Things You Need To Consider Before Building a Duplex House

Building a duplex is one of the best cost-effective strategies if you are looking to add more value to the property. Yes, a duplex house helps to reduce building costs, stamp duty, holding fees, council rates, insurance costs, strata fees, and more importantly, increase tax depreciation. In fact, duplex houses have a high return on investments as once built and subdivided, they could be sold for about $350,000 each, making you a profit of $100,000 within 18months. Also, each property could be rented out that gives a high ROI.

As good as its benefits sound, building a duplex for additional income doesn’t work if you don’t build it properly. This is because there are certain differences in building a duplex as opposed to a single-family home. If you are keen about building a duplex house, there are certain factors you need to consider, and here are they:-

Location of the land

This is one of the first things you need to consider when it comes to building a duplex house. Unlike family homes, duplexes are multi-family structures, and each town has its own rules and regulations regarding how the land can be used. So, when you are deciding on the location for building a duplex, ensure that you select the plot that allows for multi-family structures.

Infrastructure and utilities

Once you decide on the location, the next thing you need to consider is the infrastructure. You should consider things, including sewer, water, gas, and roadway development. The difference with duplex houses is that you are working with a large structure, so it is essential to consider the utilities and infrastructure.

Elements of the building

According to the local zoning laws, you are required to form the basic building form and elements that dictate the structure of the building, including roof, exterior wall cladding, dormers and gables, driveways, garages, and window treatments.


Landscaping in the front yard is essential for enhancing the beauty of sizeable building structures such as duplexes. Like the building design itself, the landscaping for either side of the duplex should emphasise the difference between the two units. Use the landscaping design in such a way it blocks the view into the parking areas.

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