Things to Know About Sigrist Aquascat

The Sigrist AquaScat measures the turbidity of potable water according to IEC 27027 using 90+° scattered light detection in a free-falling water stream. This turbidity meter usually comes with many benefits; two important amount that are, self-calibration, and non-contact measurement.

Sigrist Aquascat Self-Calibration Factor

Did you know Sigrist Turbidity Meter can calibrate monthly, weekly, daily, or at a time period of you choose? It can also be calibrated on demand through the main menu. Calibration check is performed with a calibration unit that is either mounted to perform the check or that is already built-in (depending on variant). It is reference will automatically block the path of the light and divert it towards the calibrated crystal to give the calibration point. In less than 30 seconds, the AquaScat is back online.

Sigrist Aquascat Non-Contact Measurement

Non-contact measurement eliminates cleaning as the instruments never touches the steady stream of water. Measurement light beam scatters received by the receiver behind the water flow, once again not interrupting the water flow. It eliminates window foiling and minimises servicing to a minimum.

Additional Advantages of Sigrist Turbidity Meter

As you know, Sigrist Aquascat, the best turbidity instrument comes with many benefits. Some of them are,

1. Visualisation of measured values over the past month

2. Graphical display of trends and/or values

3. Convenient operation via touch screen

4. Virtually maintenance-free

5. Lowest stray light levels

6. Re-calibration with secondary standard (fully automatic at model WTM A)

7. Dual-beam measurement in the optimised cell (model P)

8. True non-contact measurement in free-fall stream (models WTM, WTM A, HT)

Sigrist Aquascat in Industries

The Sigrist Aquascat is used for monitoring turbidity in water in a range of industries including the wastewater treatment, power plants pulp and paper industry, petrochemical and refinery industry, machine and metal industry, drinking water treatment, crude oil production, dairy industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, and food and brewing industries.


1. Turbidity measurement in process water

2. Turbidity monitoring of water in storage and distribution networks

3. Turbidity measurement in treated water

4. Filtration monitoring

5. Monitoring of flocculation and dosage of flocculants

6. Turbidity measurement in raw water

The Bottom Line

The Sigrist Aquascat, the maintenance-free turbidity monitor, measures the turbidity of potable water according to IEC 27027, with the measurement carried out directly in the water. So, are you looking for Sigrist Aquascat for your industries, consider making your purchase at the right place like Prodetec Pty Ltd. They are the leading engineering sales and service organisation, has been offering innovating SOLUTIONS to the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, Manufacturing, Food, Pharmaceutical, Water Treatment and many other industries across Australia and New Zealand.

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