Things to Know About Remedial Massage Therapy

Remedial massage therapy includes a number of techniques and methods, including trigger point therapy, tissue massage and sports massage, which focus on treating specific injuries and restoring damage.

Why Choose Massage Therapy Remedies?

A very therapeutic form of massage is remedial massage therapy. Using gentle, heavy, and deep or shallow motions, remedial massage Perth offers a holistic method of healing when muscles are knotted, stressed, or impaired. Remedial massage operates by using a variety of techniques to locate and repair the damaged tissue, joint, tendon or ligament to treat specific injuries or muscle dysfunctions. This will in turn work towards rebalancing the body and leading to optimal health.

Things to Expect

Remedial massage therapy will often require a client assessment to isolate the improperly working muscles and recognise muscle and postural imbalances. A remedial massage can include the use of oil which is applied directly to the skin. Using oil ensures extensive penetration of muscles associated with the disorder. It also means the person will get unclothed during the massage.

Welfares of Remedial Massage Therapy

Remedial massage therapy has many therapeutic advantages to it. Remedial massage acts to improve circulation and blood flow, thereby enabling the removal of toxins in the muscles. Soft tissue strategies also increase the supply of blood to damaged nerves, and in turn help heal and repair injuries. Remedial massage therapy helps to reduce pain and swelling, as well as soothing and strengthening the muscles. Remedial massage therapy helps to increase joint function and lead to a sense of comfort and well-being overall. It’s also helpful in treating pain by relieving muscle stress and spasm.

Circumstances That Can Be Treated With Remedial Massage

Remedial massage therapy is beneficial for a variety of problems and illnesses. It provides particularly effective results for skeletal and muscular dysfunctions including pain, muscle tightness, whiplash arthritis, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, neck and back pain, headache and sports injuries and scoliosis.

Remedial Massage Therapy Styles

Remedial massage therapy uses methods such as tissue massage, point trigger therapy and a variety of stretching and fibre-crossing methods. Soft tissue methods can be used to improve or deeper circulation, stronger movements can be used to loosen tight muscles, relieving long-term pain or injury.

– The trigger point therapy disengages the trigger points in other parts of the body which cause pain or referred pain. Pressure is exerted to relieve the pain source.

– Deep tissue massage is a firm massage of remedial pressure which works with specific muscles and stress areas. It helps alleviate muscle spasm and any related pain while also promoting posture and flexibility. Deep tissue massage is developed to alleviate extreme muscle and connective tissue stress.

– Sports massage uses remedial techniques to improve healing as a result of sporting activity and to reduce the pain of muscles, joints and tendons.

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