Things to Keep In Mind While Designing Your School Flags and Banners

As managers in education, from elementary to high school, you can not only look at school banners as a platform for endorsing particular causes, but as a medium for establishing relationships with prospective or former students. However, you need to make an impact before establishing a real connection. However, it can be a challenging task so it is imperative to nail the campus flag and banner design. So look at these 5 best practices for making an eye-catching display before you pick any of the custom School Flags & Banners.

Goals in choosing

Whether you’re designing a school sports flag or banner, it’s decisive to identify your goal, which will make your audience respond to your marketing effectively. If you start your design with an established purpose you can’t go wrong.

Aspects of flag and banner design

There are several key design and layout elements you should consider when creating a flag or banner for you school. Let’s emphasize here the major ones:

Colour: An integral factor in successful design of banners. It can attract your audience’s interest and increase their retention. Choose the colours that you could identify with in your school while preserving readability. It is to be remembered that colours help in creating contrast and depth, enabling your primary message to stand whilst images can strengthen your purpose.

Balance: Make sure you have a disseminated content and photos in your banner so it looks composed. When design elements are crammed together the eye does not know where to look, making it hard to read the banner.

Font used: No more than two fonts are chosen. Use easily readable fonts, but most notably use the fonts consistently. What you choose doesn’t matter, it’s vital that the personality of your font fits the purpose of your banner.

Material: Based on the location where the banner is placed, you need to ensure that the material can survive its environment. You can probably save some money by printing an indoor banner on paper in possibly the same manner.

Maximizing the identity

It is important to create the design, content and images for your banners around your school identity, so students can remember the aspects that make your school different from the others. If you’re crafting a banner for primary, middle, or high school, efficient labelling doesn’t just get the message out, at the same time it increases awareness of the school. People are going to start building a mental picture of how they view your school. So, transmitting your school values into a range of print materials, including flags, posters banners and signs, is essential. You can also fly Australian National Flags in Perth during the various events in your school along with your school flags and banners.

Creativity ideas

It can include getting artistic with designs and campus banners, writing an ingenious message that rolls with words, counting a funny picture or posing a curious query. You may even use unique materials to leave an enduring impression on your onlookers, such as creating a fabric banner.

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