Things to Discuss With Your Hairdresser before Your Haircut

You want to be completely in love with the end result if you’re investing in hairdresser Cherrybrook Village. That’s why this point go-to guide has been made. To make sure you never experience traumatic stress disorders post-haircut again. Before heading in for the chop, the key is to talk with your hairdresser.


Contrary to popular opinion, there are no mind readers for hairdressers. For you and your hair, the best thing you can do is to be transparent and precise about what you want to do with your new look. Tell your hairdresser if you’re thinking about going for a dramatic new one, but you have reservations about it. If you can’t quite describe what you’ve got in mind, bring some sample photos to show examples of the look you’re looking for to your hairdresser. To help you better describe what you are trying to accomplish with your look, go online and study key hairdresser Cherrybrook terminology.

How Are You Going To Wear Your Hair?

It’s just as important for your hairdresser to understand how your hair is usually styled. Do you straighten your hair or curl it? Are you a sort of girl with a side or middle parting? Do you always wear your hair up? Do you still have enough time to style your hair on a regular basis with your hands? Giving insight to your hairdresser about how you regularly style your hair will allow them to assist you in caring for your new hairdo.

What’s Your Routine For Hair Care?

Relaying the basics of your hair care routine to your hairdresser will assist them with recommended in-salon treatments that will help you keep your hair looking healthy in turn. Every day, do you wash your hair? How much do you keep your hair conditioned? Are you a hot junkie with tools? There is so much to say about your personal hair care routine.

Discuss Your Last Appointment For A Salon

Speak about your last salon appointment with your hairdresser and what was done to your hair. It’s best to let your hairdresser know in advance if you have recently had your hair colored, whether at the salon or at home, so they can take the appropriate precautions if they intend to add color to your hair.

Asking Questions Is Perfectly Okay

How many times have you been to the salon, got the most beautiful haircut ever, and then on the next day found it difficult to recreate the look at home? Asking your hairdresser Warringah Mall questions about hairstyling processes, particular items used and style maintenance is smart thinking. That way, before you arrange your next salon visit, you will be able to recreate your look at home.

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