Things to consider with construction tower crane for sale


The focal points of jobsites throughout the world are the construction tower cranes. On most of the massive construction sites, they form the backbone and workhorses. The job site is not working to its complete capacity if they are not working which is why you need to opt for tower crane for sale.



People know very little about the machines that move us despite its widespread use. Some of the basic things are what we are going to study today:

 What Is A Construction Tower Crane?

The common piece of lifting equipment that is found on the construction site is a construction tower crane. Due to its tower-like structure that the crane pivots around, is why it is called a tower crane. The cabling, trolley, and hook do all the lifting with the help of the counter jib whereas the tower mast supports the jib.

Points to consider

It is very important to take a number of main factors into consideration if you are planning a tower crane on your project site. The following are the main considerations that should be taken into account:

·         Capacity Required

You may need a different model or design depending on what your tower crane will be used for. Your crane will be a relatively light model if they would lift things like formwork and buckets of concrete. You might have to reconsider if you need your crane to lift equipment such as a generator or large steel members.

·         Space Availability

Try to plan your crane location away from structures and critical infrastructure such as overhead power lines. It is something that is important while planning the location of your tower crane that is not impacted by the surrounding buildings. There is not a lot that you can do about it having the process in place to make sure that you do not hit them equally important.

Special procedures should be required for protecting the public if your tower crane is located near the sidewalks or the public roadway.

·         Pick Locations

If it is the lowest capacity, why do you place the tower crane at your loading dock? It is something that is important when you plan your pick locations around your tower crane or plan your tower crane around your pick locations. They help material come into and out of your job site as loading the docks are important. Plan your crane close to these locations for maximizing the capacity of your crane as these can get weaker further the load is from the mast.

·         Installation and Removal

The installation and removal can be quite an intensive process that needs larger pieces of equipment as noted above. It is important for you to consider this while planning out your crane location. To make it challenging to get off the site, you need not want to put your crane in this location. The finishing phases can be delayed through this.

It may be worth sequencing the removal and installation to allow one or two of the cranes to remove or install the others if you have more than one tower crane on site. This will allow the areas of your building to be finished in advance of the complete crane removal as it will help save time.


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