Things to Consider When Choosing Mitsubishi Chargers

For decades, Mitsubishi has been at the forefront of creating eco-friendly vehicles that are exclusively designed to preserve and sustain the global environment. Mitsubishi is currently the most popular electronic vehicle. Ever since it was launched, it has built up a remarkable reputation among customers for its many advantages over conventional gasoline engine vehicles.

However, it is essential to choose the right Mitsubishi chargers if you want to boast a convenient and reliable EV charging system. Here are the factors that you need to consider when getting your Mitsubishi charging station:-


Mitsubishi charging station come in a range of prices and differ from one model to the other based on the charging capacity, model, speed, and other utility features. Australia’s Electric Vehicle charger market is flooded with thousands of Mitsubishi chargers, and it could be overwhelming to pick the right one. You need to take your time to analyse and choose the one that suits your car, charging requirements and pocket-friendly.

Type 1 or Type 2

The type of charger you need to choose greatly depends on the model of Mitsubishi you have and the location. While the Type 1 chargers are limited for use in Asian and American vehicles, Type 2 is compatible with European makes. However, you could use a universal connector as it is compatible with all the electronic vehicles in the market.

Type 1 chargers consume less energy, kilowatts, and amperage, but it would take more time to charge your vehicle and it contributes to 4miles range per hour. On the other hand, type 2 chargers rapidly charge the vehicle with their charge supply lasting about 16-20 miles range per hour. Type 2 chargers are ideal for both domestic and commercial use when compared to Type 1 chargers. Most Mitsubishi EV owners prefer buying the type 2 chargers as they are more reliable and convenient.

Charging Speed

The charging speed usually depends on the charger’s amperage and the acceptance rate of the car in kilowatts. However, today’s Mitsubishi electric vehicles have a maximum power absorption capacity of 7.2kilowatts. Even with a 40amps charger, your vehicle won’t charge faster but will absorb the power it needs. However, charging your car with high amperage won’t cause any damages.

Tethered or Untethered

Usually, charging cables come be tethered with a fixed connection to the charger or untethered that comes with a type 1 or 2 sockets for attachment. Compared to the untethered, a tethered model is secure and suitable for solo domestic users.

Smart Features

Nothing is as exciting as being able to monitor from your smartphone. Consider installing Mitsubishi smart charging station so that you can monitor and operate through your cell phone even when you are away from the vehicle.

When buying EV chargers, choose the one that not only suits your needs but also flexible enough to accommodate any future changes.

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