Things to Consider Before Installing Solar Panels

So you have heard a lot about solar panels and decided to go solar. Be it increasing your property’s value or saving energy bills, or reducing the carbon footprint, going solar is the need of the hour and one of the best decisions you are making for yourself.

Going solar is one of the hot topics in the world, and it really worth considering as it offers a plethora of benefits both to the homeowners and the environment. That said, you need to buy the right solar panels for house to make the most of it. When it comes to residential solar panels, there are certain factors you need to consider, and here are they:-


Before buying a solar system for your home, it is essential to check whether your roof is suitable and ready for installation. One of the major benefits of solar systems for home is its durability. Yes, most of the solar panels come with at least 25-30 years warranty. This makes sense why you need to check your roof before installing the solar panels. While the panels come with a good warranty, the roof must be in good condition to hold the panels. So, this means if your roof is not in good condition or requires remodelling, get it done before installing the solar panels. In fact, it could be very expensive to remove and reinstall the panels to get your roof right.

The duration of your stay

Of course, if it is your own house, you’ll be staying as long as you live. But, nothing is permanent, and you’ll always have to expect the unexpected. Solar panels are a long-term investment that offers many benefits in the long run. In case if you are planning to shift from your current residence in the near future, then consider installing in your new house or property.

The type of solar

When it comes to solar panels for residential properties, there are two dominant solar technologies to pick from, including thermal and photovoltaic. While the photovoltaic uses array of cells to convert sun rays into electricity, thermal uses sunlight to heat water or air for domestic purposes. If you will be using a lot of energy or living somewhere where heating fuel is expensive, solar thermal is a viable option. However, speak to the solar panel installer and choose the right type based on the needs and requirements of your house.


While solar panels require minimal maintenance, it is imperative to ask your solar panel company about the maintenance procedure before installing one.


It is of utmost importance to check the warranties of the solar panels you choose to install. If anything goes wrong with the panels, having a warranty helps to keep the manufacturer accountable without paying from your pocket.

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