Things to consider before Installing Retractable Awnings!

If you are like most homeowners whose deck or patio is a popular gathering place, a retractable awning can improve the experience of your outdoor space. Retractable roof awnings Sydney lets you expand your outdoor living space creating shade where you need it and placing sun only where you want it. Picking the right retractable awning, however, requires forethought. What are you trying to attain with the addition of an awning on your patio or deck? What does your dream outdoor space look like? These questions can be tough to answer without some professional guidance. Don’t fret; we have got some expert tips for you, to pick and invest in the right retractable awnings Sydney prices for your home.

Where will the awning be fixed?

You can install awnings over your deck or patio but where it is fixed affects how it can be mounted. Retractable awnings can be attached to the walls, either below the soffit or above the gutter or to the roofs. It is vital to know where it will go because this can affect how steep its slope will be. It will also affect the size of the awning you can install. You don’t want an awning that’s too narrow as it will not serve its purpose. So determine where the retractable roof will be mounted to pick the right size that fits your needs.

Manual or automatic?

There are two types of retractable awnings manual and automatic. While manual awnings have to be cranked in order to open and close, automatic awnings utilise a motor. If you prefer convenience or your health is a factor, go for motorised awnings and make the awning retract and extend at the push of a button. Some motorised awnings also come with smart sensors for extra ease-of-use.

What colour do you prefer?

Retractable awnings can turn your outdoor space into an extension of your living space. So it can be refreshing to have tons of styles and colours of fabrics to choose from. Make sure the awning you choose matches with the decor in the neighbouring room or the exterior painting of your house for a more minimal look.

Do you want flexibility in how you enjoy the sun?

Lucky you, if you have a patio that gets direct sunlight. However, sometimes it is difficult for you to enjoy the outdoors. In that case, you need a patio cover to give you some much-needed shade. Permanent covers do provide all year round shade but waterproof retractable awnings Sydney will give you more flexibility in the space. You can simply retract when you want to enjoy the weather outdoor and extend it when you want to escape into the shade.

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