These Popular Mexican Dishes are Incredibly Healthy

Several people love indulging in Mexican food for its unique taste and variety of ingredients. Yet, some of them assume that Mexican cuisine is totally unhealthy. Well, you will be delighted to know that is not true. This article enlists some of the popular Mexican dishes served at a Mountlake Terrace Mexican restaurant that provides great health benefits. Check if your favorite dish has made it to the list:


Enchiladas is one of those foods that comes to people’s minds first while talking about Mexican cuisine. In fact, it is one of the most popular dishes found in a Mexican restaurant dinner menu.

Served as an entree, enchiladas with red sauce includes cumin that is rich in iron content. Enchiladas also has less calories relative to other popular Mexican dishes. So, if you are mindful about calories, enchiladas will never get in the way of your weight goals.


Guacamole is almost every foodie’s favorite. Some of them, however refrain from ordering it at a restaurant because of the fat content present in it. However, they are undoubtedly healthy.

Avocados contain a high amount of Vitamin E and antioxidants. This provides great health benefits for your skin. Sometimes, Guacamole are also made with jalapenos, which is great for improving your metabolism.

Salsa with Chips:

The combination of salsa and chips is actually healthy, provided you consume them in moderation. Salsa contains a great amount of Vitamin C and less calories. On the other hand, tortilla chips contain high fiber content that helps with digestion.


Carnitas is usually cooked during special occasions. This dish contains pork, which has a sufficient amount of protein and less fat compared to beef. Carnitas are typically braised with orange juice, thus giving you the goodness of Vitamin C. They make a great combination with rice and tortillas.

Fish Tacos:

Fish tacos are quite popular at a Mountlake Terrace Mexican restaurant, and people simply enjoy this dish. Besides its taste, fish tacos provide the benefits of Omega 3 such as reduced inflammation and better heart health. Fish tacos also come with vegetables including tomatoes that contain adequate amounts of minerals and vitamins.

From the above list of foods, you would now realize that Mexican food is not as unhealthy as you thought. Always make sure to visit authentic Mexican lunch restaurants in Mountlake Terrace along with your friends and family, to experience the real goodness of Mexican cuisine.

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