These Are the Ten Things That Stain Your Teeth the Most

Like scoring a big promotion or a date with your long time crush, a luminous, white smile is the stuff dreams are made of. And it’s no wonder, considering how much the appearance of our teeth affects our image. A bright smile is more aesthetically pleasing compared to a dull smile. A list of common drinks and food can cause dental discolouration and brown, yellow or another coloured ugly staining of the teeth. You can opt to get professional teeth whitening at a $99 dental clinic, which is definitely preferred over store-bought options to bring back those pearly white teeth.

Here are some of the most common foods that will stain your teeth.


If you have ever handled a beet, you know how easily they stain everything they touch. If it stains your hands and your cutting board, it is going to stain your teeth, too.


Like tomatoes, what makes blueberries good for you also make it one of the foods that stain your teeth.

Tomato sauce

Tomato sauce is a staple in many households. No matter what version you prefer, anything that is tomato-based can stain your teeth.

Balsamic vinegar

Balsamic vinegar is acidic; it will naturally stick to your teeth, making it even more likely to leave a stain behind.

Soy sauce

Any dark liquid has the potential for one of the foods that stain your teeth, but soy sauce especially has the possibility of leaving behind a stain.


Something light and fresh is less likely to stain, though, again, most popsicles have both sugar and acids that wear away at teeth.

Dark juices

Grape and cranberry juice are the biggest culprits. Like soda, they also contain acid, which is notorious for staining teeth.


Soda is bad for you on many different levels, but is also very bad for your teeth. Not only does it bathe your teeth in artificial sugar and acid, but it also contains dark colours that will stain your teeth, especially if you drink it every single day.


Tea is still full of tannins; it will still stain your teeth, depending on which variety you prefer. The darker the tea is, the more likely it is to stain your teeth.


Coffee, especially black coffee, will stain your teeth. The darkness of the coffee can easily stain your teeth, even if you only have one or two cups a day.

Final Words

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