These Are the Nasty Germs that could be lurking in Your Dirty Carpet

Carpets are germ magnets that attract a lot of bacteria, dead skin, pollen, and dust. Does your carpet’s colour have changed? Or do you have any symptoms of having skin or any other allergies? Then, it’s time to get it fixed and bring it back to its condition by hiring professionals who specialise in carpet cleaning in Penrith! With this, you can make sure your home is fostering the healthiest environment possible. Remember, a clean environment is better for your health. The carpets’ colour and shade will get dull or off after years of accumulation of pet urine, sweat, spilled food, and dirt. However, your carpet may look clean since carpets in many houses will generally be in shades or dark in colour, but the truth is, it’s not. So, what’s lurking in the dirty rug? Probably, this will be your question now, which is answered here in this article. Continues reading to find it! Before, let’s staff off with the little guide on why professional cleaning is essential regularly.

Importance Of Regularly Cleaning the Carpet Professionally

The cosiness you will experience by placing your toes on a warm carpet in the morning is pretty much irreplaceable! Yes, carpets are the only decor that gives a homey feel to space. And so, it placed a big role in every house. To continue having that decorative flair, comfort, and warmth, it is necessary to maintain it properly. If you left un-attention, your carpets become a home for germs to hide in; this may risk your and your family health. So, as like cleaning your house, you should give extra attention to your carpet by hiring carpet cleaner Penrith, and most importantly, regularly. Even if you vacuum your carpet regularly, still there will be problematic germs like mould, chemicals, or dust hidden in that decorative flair. So, do NOT forget hiring professionals for your carpet cleaning.

Like dusting off the racks, making sure the kitchen is organised, cleaning out the bathtub, closet, and more, consider carpet cleaning

So, What’s Living In Your Carpets?

These are the things that get you and your family sick.


E Coli – This can lead to kidney failure, dehydration, or bloody diarrhea.

Campylobacter – It ends up having diarrhea or dysentery syndrome.

Salmonella – It can result in abdominal cramping, fever, or diarrhea.

Mould Growth

These release mycotoxins, which can create serious health effects.

Other Harmful Things

Many insects thrive on a concoction of food residue, pet feces, and other insects. Those cause many health issues.


It’s time for autumn cleaning, hooray! Like cleaning your other household things, consider giving a professional clean up to your carpet. The carpet plays a big role in every house, and it needs professional maintenance. Dirty carpets lead to unpleasant odours and unsanitary conditions that are equally bad for the house or business. Just because you can’t see it does not mean it isn’t there. To get rid of the germs in the bottom layer of your carpet, and make the carpet back to its shape, consider hiring professionally regularly for carpet cleaning services in Penrith.

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