The Uniqueness and Specialty of Gourmet Pizza

Did you know the word Gourmet comes from 19th century French, meaning “a connoisseur of good food; a person with a discerning palate?” Since the 19th century, pizza has come a long way, and now it’s much more than pepperoni.

What’s Unique in Gourmet Pizza?

Unlike the basic pepperoni pizza, Gourmet pizza in Vancouver is made using a more intricate preparation process and makes use of different toppings that adds high nutritional value to it. It’s carefully prepared with some of the ingredients that aren’t usually found on pizza, such as mozzarella, Spanish onions, roasted potatoes, spinach, and more. From broccoli to chocolate, you can add any topping to it.

When it comes to gourmet pizza, vegetables and spices are carefully selected, and each pizza might even come with its own specialty sauce. A gourmet pizza might be made with Roma tomatoes and cayenne to produce a sweet and spicy sauce, whereas another can be made using larger tomatoes mixed with the basil to create a sharper sauce. Even the dough made is customized to complement the taste of the sauce used in the Gourmet pizza. Some gourmet pizzas include different layers of spices to deliver unique flavour and taste through each bite.

Differences between a Gourmet and a Regular Pizza

Use of Ingredients

Cheese, pepperoni, and sausage are the typical selections for regular pizza, whereas gourmet pizzas do not adhere to any topping limitations. They represent creativity and uniqueness, other ordinary pizzas do not offer. Like the toppings, gourmet pizza is not limited to one sauce or cheese type. One can use different ingredients to make it more fun and generally healthier than a standard pizza.

Diverse Varieties

Gourmet pizzas cover different cultures and have a flare meant to accommodate all sorts of different taste buds.

Cooking Method

Gourmet pizza requires a little care in the preparation process and must be meticulously made by the pizza staff. Unlike regular pizzas made in bulk for large customers, gourmet pizza is made exclusively for a single customer.

Price Difference

Gourmet pizza in Vancouver is expensive than the regular pizza because of its uniqueness. Moreover, they are meant to be enjoyed in a sit-down atmosphere and are commonly served in a restaurant-type environment. Gourmet pizza is on the higher price side because it’s classier and gives your customers a break from the ordinary options.

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