No matter how careful we are, sometimes we drop your Motorola Phones and end up with a cracked screen. For most of the users, it’s only a matter of time. Sometimes results are not so serious. If your Phone has just a small crack you can still use the smartphone without any problems. However, sometimes we are not so lucky If your screen is cracked so badly that you cannot see anything or sensor stops working It’s time to start thinking about repair service. If you are looking for a Cheap Motorola service center in Chennai, keep on reading this article.

If your Phone is cracked then you have three main options. We can review here and see what advantages and disadvantages they have.

Get your Phone Repaired by Authorized center

The company charges affordable cost for replacing a damaged screen of Phone. If you are ok with the price here is one more issue you should consider before deciding to go to the Moto service center in Chennai. In most cases the company needs some days to repair your phone, it means you will have to live without your Phone for several days.

Repair Phone by yourself

If you don’t want to get your Phone repaired at authorized service here is another option you have. You can purchase Repair Kit on Amazon or somewhere else and repair your Phone by yourself. However, before doing so think about several factors. First of all, Repair Kits come in the different price tag, so if you are not experienced you may order a wrong Kit. Secondly, repairing the Phone is not as easy as you think. It has a lot of tiny details and parts. So if you are not highly confident in your DIY skills, do not take a risk. If you need to replace a cracked screen you will have to order a new one. Most parts you order online don’t come in high quality.

Repair your Phone at Third – Party Service

Finally, we came to the third option – third party repair. This alternative is more affordable than getting your Phone repaired at Motorola service center Chennai and safer than repairing the smartphone by yourself. Choosing a good third-party repair service can be overwhelming with a wide range of companies offering that service. For finding an ideal repair service compare prices, see if they offer warranty and check out whether they have quality details or not. Third party repair services have one more important advantage compared to Authorized center, in most cases, they only need one business day to repair your phone.


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