The Significance of Developing Language Skills for Your Child

Language is inevitable in communication. A child develops communication skills before they get to use actual words to let their parents know what they want. However, it is necessary that your child develops language skills on time to prevent complexities in the future. Delay in language skill development would lead to miscommunication and social interaction issues. Here’s what you need to know:

What is the Relevance of Language Skills?

Language is the means of communication wherein words are put together in a sentence to convey information, commands or instructions that are given by others. When your child develops language skills, they will better understand what you are talking about. Having adequate language skills will also make it easy for them to socially interact with other kids and teachers at a preschool.

How You Can Help:

Parents can nurture the language skills of their kids by talking to them on a regular basis, as well as reading stories. You can ask your child how their day was at the preschool, and discuss what they like and dislike. You can also play games with your children, such as identifying objects and more. Reading children’s stories will also motivate your kids to develop their language skills. Type in ‘preschool near me’ online, and you’d find a high-quality preschool that will take the effort in developing communication and language skills for your kids.

Typical Language Skill Development in a Child:

As your kid grows, you will witness a good development of language skills if you take the effort for it. A toddler will react when someone calls out their name. Your child will be able to respond to fundamental commands by the age of 2. When they reach 3 years of age, almost 90% of whatever is being communicated would be easily grasped by them. By the age of 5, they would communicate with others through simple sentences comprising a few words. Enrolling them in a good preschool in Highgate will advanced their language skills beyond your expectations.

Why Language Skill Development is Crucial?

Fortunately, a large number of kids would be able to nurture their reading, writing, and speaking skills at the right time, provided you help them out and seek the assistance of the teachers at Leaps and Bounds Preschool in Highgate. Delay in language development could lead to problems such as poor academic performance, difficulties in socialisation, behavioural problems, and anxiety.

Developing language skills is one of the vital aspects required for the overall development of a child. Besides your contribution, a preschool near me will do their best for enhancing kids’ language skills and make them ready to face the world.

The author is working in Leaps and Bounds Preschool in Highgate for over 3 years. She explains to the readers, the significance of language skill development in children and what the parents should do about it. For more information, visit

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