The Rising Popularity of Latin Fitness Dance Classes in London

With famous TV shows such as Britain’s Got Talent, Strictly Come Dancing, and more, the dance fever is sweeping the nation.

“When I dance, I forget everything else and just feel completely happy.” – Katherine Jenkins

These inspiring words by Katherine Jenkins explain what an incredible art form dance is! Dancing is a great way to feel good and to get fit. From salsa to other Latin dance forms, you can find different fun ways to get moving. Getting your dance lessons everyday can help you in,

-Losing weight

-Ensuring strong bones

-Improving posture

-Improving muscle strength

-Increasing balancing

-Beating stress

-Enhancing heart health

The most significant benefits of enrolling yourself in dance classes in London are you can have fun dancing to music, socialising with people, and enjoying all the perks of a good workout.

How DAN’S helps You Get Fit?

To all those fitness freaks out there, DAN’S, the leading Latin fitness dance studio in London is not only a place to dance but also a hub where wellness, exercise and socialising come together. They connect people from all over the world, driven by Latin dance culture.

DAN’S Fitness

DAN’S Fitness highlights happy, high-energy dance-based workouts for a better body. They teach two different fitness dance styles:

Reggaeton – It’s a simple high-intensity dance workout done to uplifting urban Reggaeton music. This dance style involves easy and energising moves using resistance bands and weights.

Afrobeats – It’s a vigorous high-intensity dance workout to Afrobeat music that involves powerful sounds. This dance form is mainly dedicated to strengthening your core and toning your lower body.

Their fitness dance styles come under high- and low-impact aerobic workout that focuses on burning 500 to 800 calories and toning your core and lower body.

DAN’S Soul

DAN’S Soul includes meditative Latin-based dance classes to reduce stress levels. The three different dance styles, Latin rhythms, Afro movements, and Ladies styling highlights simple moves that release negativity and feel amazing. Ladies Styling is a Latin American dance in London that explores slow body movements and feels so soft.

At DAN’S, the dance classes in London are available one month in advance, and you can book your dance lessons through our website, front house, or call 0207 998 4086. We do not require any membership and focus on a long-term commitment to the art you are learning.

DAN’S is London’s first Latin American dance + fitness studio. Find us on Cavendish Place, a three-minute walk from Oxford Circus Tube station. Visit to see our timetable and book a class, course or social, or call 0207 998 4086.

“A place where wellness, socialising, and positive energy combine through a shared passion for dance” – Daniel, the founder of DAN’S

The author of this article is associated with a Latin American dance + fitness studio and has over a decade of experience in the industry. In this article, he explains the reasons for the popularity of Latin American dance in London. Visit for more information.

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